11 Ways To Think Like A Boot Camp Dominator

News Flash - You don't have to be smart, have a degree or multiple certifications to have the dominant boot camps in your city.

And if I'm being completely honest (which good or bad I always am with ya) I was only officially certified for 1 of the 10 years that I was an active trainer.

Yet I still (Before I owned boot camps, or a personal training studio) made over a quarter million a year while making a positive difference in lives of over 700 clients.

Now I'm not saying don't get certified, if I could go back I probably would have.

But the reason my business exploded and allowed me to live an amazing lifestyle while opening the doors to so many opportunities was because I consistently did these eleven simple things below.

1.  Raise your energy - I always raised my energy... Ya, I brought the "thunder" EVERY SINGLE TIME!  I really can't stress that enough, but trust me, it works.  Act like you have a friggin film crew following you, or you are on a stage in front of thousands - And BRING THE ENERGY.

2.  Write down your goals - I clearly defined and wrote down my goals.  I did (And still) write them out as follows:

(a) What is my monthly income goal.
(b) What is my current monthly income.
(c)  How much more monthly income do I need to make to reach my goal.
Formula = Monthly Goal - Monthly Actual Income = Difference

Then I do this:
(a) What is the average monthly dollar amount per client
Formula = If I debited all my clients today, it would equal "A"
"A" (divided by) total # of clients = average monthly dollar amount per client

Then I figure out exactly how many more clients I need to reach my income goal.
Formula = Monthly Goal - Actual Monthly Income = Difference
Difference (Divided by) average monthly dollar amount per client = # of client I need to reach goal.

(Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have about this 🙂

But the point is if you pay attention to your numbers, your numbers will pay YOU!

3.  Use my 70% rule - Perfection is poison to an entrepreneur - Nothing will ever be 100% perfect.  10 things operating at 70% = 700%, while one thing at 100% is only 100%... Enough said.

4.  Plan your day out the night before - When I woke up, I'd "hit the ground running" with a plan.  You'll get 50X's more things done if you grab your list and start knocking it out as soon as you pop out of bed.

5.  Work "on" your business Vs. "in" your business - Know the difference - "in" your business is a for maintaining, like training clients, billing, and buying equipment, "on" your business is for growing like, getting human billboards, marketing and networking.

I spent 80 to 90 percent of my time "on" my business.

6.  Be committed - Do you "want" success or are you COMMITTED to it?  When you're committed, you'll do what ever it takes.  My coaching clients are committed to success.

7.  Take Action - I didn't always have all the answers, but I took ACTION.  The universe loves action takers and literally clears a path for you straight to your goals when you do.

8.  Have a "Never Quit" policy - Success is inevitable without quitting.  So if you agree to never quit, you cannot fail.  Period.  So there is no "need" to pay attention to fear.

9.  Give! Give! Give! - I helped a ton of people.  You'll get everything you want out of life if you can help enough other people get what they want.  Make sense?

10.  Put a gun to your head - Ask yourself, "what could I accomplish if someone had a gun to my head and had to... Or else!"

11.  Don't wake up for clients under any circumstances - When my alarm would go off at 3:45am I would pop out of bed ready to get a few steps closer to achieving my life's dream.  So get up in the morning to achieve your dream, otherwise you will get complaisant and in a routine.  Know your dream and wake up every morning for that.  You and your clients will benefit from it.

Be sure to leave a comment with your feedback and any questions - I read and reply to just about all of them 🙂

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