5 Fitness Marketing Things You Must Do Every Month


Hey - Steve here with a very special guest post from my friend Craig Ballantyne.

It blows my mind how Craig continually gets MASSIVE amounts of STUFF DONE as he continues to grow his fitness empire!

Craig was cool enough to share 5 of his top fitness marketing secrets you must do every month to explode your business this year.

So without further ado... Here's Craig.

picture-10Everyday I get up and start my day with a 60 minute dog walk here in Toronto. When I get home, I start work by reviewing 6 different secret documents that guide me, inspire me, and motivate me to keep pushing, and keep churning out the content, workouts, blog posts, and help for my clients.

One of those documents is a list of "10 things you must do every month" from one of Dan Kennedy's "No BS" business books. Each day I review one of the 10 and see how it can guide me on an email I'm writing, a product I'm creating, or even just how it can give me a kick in the butt to finish a project.

So what I've done for you is taken 5 of the 10 and applied them to your boot camp marketing. Review one of these everyday - Monday to Friday - and it will give you insanely effective ideas for getting more campers and keeping them happy.

1. Find people with unmet specialized needs & and match your business to them

As a smart boot camp owner, you know that you can't be everything to
everyone. In fact, you're better off being a super-hero to a small group of

So look at your boot camp and city demographics...is there a subset of the
population that has unmet fitness needs? Do you have a special attribute
that makes you more relevant to them than any other expert in town?

Here's an example...when I was down in Tampa Bay last October at Joel
Marion's mastermind meeting, I went for a walk around the water where I
stumbled across a boot camp of mom's - each who had brought a kid in a
stroller. Even the trainer had a kid in the stroller.

Now they didn't use the stroller for the workout - someone watched the kids -
but that's a unique angle that I don't see too many others exploiting.

There's gotta be some market in your area that is being neglected.


2. Increase and improve the consistency and frequency of client and prospect contact

Here's just a few ways you can do this. First, Steve Hochman has the awesome idea of sending texts to clients during the day, recognizing them and supporting them. You could easily have a system for doing that, or even a daily motivational quote email. That's a perfect reminder without overstepping on their already crammed inbox.

Second, you could build a powerful Facebook community where you post the motivational quote, recognize folks, and survey them for what they want to see in the camp or what "special reports" they'd like you to create.

Do NOT underestimate how cool you can make someone feel simply by asking them for their opinion. I recently did surveyed my TT readers on an important topic and the feedback was overwhelming - and I'm simply talking about the feedback readers gave me saying that they were honored I'd ask them for their input. Powerful little tool there.

Third, use all of that info above in a blog setting. Same tips apply. However, what I've found is that most people prefer having info delivered either on facebook or by email...adding a blog simply becomes just another website to go to...and right now they only have room for "3 online places" - their work email, personal email, and Facebook.

3. Create a different voice to use in your marketing

picture-12This is the funnest way to market. You've seen Steve do his Lenny Wankerstein impression in videos, and pretty much everyone loves it and watches those videos with more interest than when it's plain old Steve.

In my business, one of my most famous emails was written to my prospects as if it came directly from their Belly Fat. You can read it here:

=> http://turbulencetraining.blogspot.com/2008/09/letter-from-your-belly-fat.html

The possibilities for this tip are endless...and its fun. And the more you can make a prospect smile, the better the chance you have of them becoming a camper.

4. Develop and offer info of interest as bait to build list

Three tips here. The first is to create a really cool free report for your blog/website or even Facebook page on the #1 problem of your typical client.  Whatever keeps them up at night, that's what you have to be talking about and showing them that you have the solution.

The second tip is obvious...simply use a free session as a way to get new people to try your boot camp.

And the third way this applies to your boot camps is to use the 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss program that Steve and Bedros won't shut up about. If you haven't used that yet, don't wait any longer. This is the best time of year to do it.

5. Give customers a choice and get their say

As I mentioned before, its amazing how good you can make people feel just by giving them a little recognition. So survey them, picture-13get them involved in picking some components of the boot camp, and you should even let them LEAD the boot camps at some point.

I have one section of the TT Bootcamps that I call "Fun'n'Games", and one game is to have a camper come up and lead the camp for a minute. They simply do whatever they want and the group follows along. Then switch the leader after a minute.

Give a few people the torch to lead and you will make their day...they'll go into work and be raving about how they were the bootcamp leader today and then their co-workers will want to try it too. A cool referral tool - just by letting someone else do the work for you!

Alright, that's it for now.

If you are nice and good little kiddies and you leave 20 comments, I might come back and give you the other 5 parts of Dan Kennedy's list of the 10 things you must do every month.

Check out Craig Ballantyne's killer DONE-FOR-YOU TT-Boot camp workouts here

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