The Secret To Getting Your Emails Opened, Read And Acted Upon


I got a little secret for ya.

If you're emails are NOT getting opened, then a whole-lot-a-nuthin is going happen.

I know you have life changing info, a fat vaporizing workout, and more energy than a Chihuahua eating chocolate but no one will have a chance to take action if you're email just sits in their in-box collecting dust.

So to help you on your heroic quest to change lives and make a difference in this crazy world, I got three email marketing tips for ya.

Tip #1 - The Subject Line Is King

The most important part of your email has got to be the subject line because if your email doesn't get opened, you're S.O.L.

So be sure to have an interesting and provocative subject line that captures your readers curiosity.

Here are a few of my subject lines with the highest open rates.

  • Hey (name) did I send this to you
  • Sorry
  • Bad news
  • Terrible news
  • I screwed up but I made good
  • Re: Big mistake!
  • You are going to die (If you use this one make sure you open the email with… It’s true, you’re going to die eventually but…)
  • Hey
  • Here you go
  • Sorry, I couldn’t find it….
  • I think this was meant for you
  • I got this by mistake
  • Thanks
  • Did you get this
  • Weird
  • No, sorry

Also the subject line can give you some creative ideas for writing your email.

Tip #2 - Pretend You're Writing To Your BFF

When you write your email just be cool and casual.

Talk normal just like you were talking to your long time BFF.

I see so many people writing emails and trying to sound "proper".

Just be yourself.  Be cool.

Let your personality come out.

And if you've got something funny to say, just say it.

So many people are bored, so if your emails are interesting, fun and NOT boring, your readers will look forward to them.

Tip #3 - Use Short Choppy Sentences

Long sentences and long paragraphs are hard to read and for the most part, wont get read.

People are lazy and so if an email looks like it will take "effort" to read then you can forget it.

Make each sentence it's own paragraph.

And Keep them short, cool and personal and you'll get way better results.

You have so much VALUE to give and you are really CHANGING LIVES and making a difference, so let's get those emails opened, read and acted upon.

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