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Apartment Home Dominator – How To Get A Tribe Of New Clients With These Four Techniques

October 18, 2011

> Look inside Boot Camp formula 5 Version 3.0 Plus here < And here are the documents I promised you… The Amazing Human Billboard Questionnaire Where do you get your hair cut? What is your hair stylist’s first and last name? What is your hair stylist’s phone number? Where do you get massages? What is […]

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The EASIEST Script To Get People To Pay In full For A Year Of Boot Camp

October 16, 2011

Also, Boot Camp Formula 5 Version 3.0 Plus Opens (Tomorrow) Monday Oct 17th at 9:00am PST SHARP. To get all the facts and find out if BCF5 3.0 Plus is right for you get all the facts here. Boot Camp Formula 5 3.0Plus FAQ Video            

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Very Sophisticated Fitness Boot Camp Markering Strategy Called “Caring”

October 11, 2011

Before I became the world’s boot camp marketing authority I only knew one fitness marketing strategy. It was called CARING. And this one tiny little method took my fitness business to $22k per month. It was simple really… I just made these COMMITMENTS to myself: You may “out-smart” me, but you will never “out-CARE” me. […]

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How To Take Your Boot Camp Sexiness To The Next Level!

October 1, 2011

One of the things that I always did when I was building my boot camps and personal training business is make it SEXY. I did this by filling my programs with hot models and also posting their pics on my website for “social proof” that if ya want to look hot, I’m the “go to” […]

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How To Have A Big’O Pair Of Brass Balls And Avoid “No Ballness” Disease

September 27, 2011

So many fitness marketing strategies fail because of a lack of BRASS BALLS. I’m mean, I sure have been seeing a lot of “No Ballness” disease lately. “No ballness” occurs when some one “wants” to do something and knows they should do it, but when it comes time to execute, they just don’t have the […]

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The Secret Art Of Selling Promos And Free S–T Like A Gangsta

September 20, 2011

I did a post the other day about the “Fund Raiser” Method and how you could use this tactic to turbo boost the FaceBook Viral Method (Oh ya, and do some good in the world while you’re at it) But what’s this?  You can’t give away free sh-t?  Whaaaat? How could this be? Well, here […]

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The Secret “Closing Sales” Sauce

September 13, 2011

Tire Kicker Weed Whacker Pre Qualifying Call Script (Gap control- Build the pain, peel the onion.) You: Hey (name) it’s (your name) from ___________. How are you? Them: Good thanks, how about you. You: Great! So do you mind if I ask what are you doing right now to melt the fat off or get […]

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Octavio The Great: How To Prequalify And Close 99.9% Of Your Facebok Viral Leads

September 8, 2011

My man, the GREAT Octavio just posted another video about how he is KILLING IT with the FBVM. But he didn’t “plan” on figuring out this AWESOME strategy for per-qualifying and closing 99% of his FBVM leads… …he needed to figure out a way to deal with the landslide of leads and separate the “cream” […]

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