Boot Camp Marketing “Buy or DIE” Style

There's one part of boot camp marketing that seems to be getting over looked WAY too much.


You see, getting leads is just one part of boot camp marketing.  The other part is SELLING.

And when I say selling, I'm talking about "Buy or DIE" style.

Here's how buy or die works...

You FOLLOW UP with a lead until they either BUY, or ask you to stop contacting them (DIE).

Here are 5 methods to get leads to "Buy or DIE"

1.  By Email - Having a pre-made email auto responder system is  a great way to follow up with leads

And the best part is that you only have to create the emails once, then as leads are entered into your "lead system", the follow up happens on auto-pilot.

2.  By Phone - As soon as a prospect tries out your boot camp or submits their phone number on your website, set up a phone follow up schedule.

I make the majority of my follow up calls in the first 10 days because that is when a prospect is the "hottest"

After 10 days, I call once a week for 30 days, then once a month after that.

3.  In person - For some reason boot camp operators don't set up consultation appointments very often.

But it's such a powerful sales tool.

And for leads that will make great referral sources, I'll take it a step further by visiting them at work, or taking them out to lunch.

If they have a lot of "influence" in the community, it can be well worth it.

4.  By Mail - A personal letter with a hand written address on the envelope is VERY POWERFUL especially when you enclose a $100 dollar plastic gift card.

5.  Through Another Person
- If one of your boot camp members referred a friend, or knows a potential client, they can follow up for you.

And if you motivate your boot camp members by giving them half off their next month by getting the lead to sign up, then they will bend over backwards to help you.

All these methods are like little spokes on a wheel, and when you add them all up, they become a powerful addition to your boot camp marketing system.

Be sure to let me know what you think, and if you have
some kick-butt "Buy Or DIE" follow up strategies.

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