Fitness Marketing With A Niche!

Hey, Steve here with a guest post from my most highest ENERGY having coaching client, the GREAT Mark Tregilgas from the U.K.

This guy is KILLING it with is special niche' boot camp.

Check it out...

"Hey Steve! What's up its your coaching client Mark Tregilgas aka 'The Dominator' (Steve's name for me I must add!) here!

I know ur super busy right now helping loads of other action taking fitness pros like me reach their goals, so I thought I'd write u a blog post on the 'Importance of creating a Niche.

Finding my niche has set me on the road to 'domination' for 2011, hope u enjoy it!

Any info you read these days on fitness marketing really stresses the importance of a 'niche' and as Steve knows I have the coolest niche ever with my boot camp here in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

But I'll talk more about that in a moment, first here's a little bit about how I found my niche!

I'd been a personal trainer for almost 4 years with my company "Fitness And Motivation" doing really great (or at least I thought so) .

Dude I was happy working all the hours God sends and training everyone and everybody whenever and wherever, and I loved it I won't lie because I'm really passionate about fitness and helping people achieve they're goals.

But then about 12 months ago I stumbled across and whilst doing some research online.

Amongst a load of other killer info that I picked up for FREE the one thing you guys kept talking about was bootcamps and niche markets!

Train groups-Bootcamps, clients pay less, trainer earns more, work more sensibly and less hours.

Well being a workaholic I'd experienced burn-out twice in the last year or so training clients like 45 hours a week, plus training myself and trying to keep onto of all the clients admin.

On one occasion I actually went and was sick in the gym toilets I was so exhausted and not thinking straight .

So I was majorly interested to learn how to keep earning well (and even more) working less and more sensibly.

Well dude I had actually run group training, bootcamps before but this was only for my current clients as a give back for their loyalty so their was a limit on the numbers I could attract.

I liked training groups but I knew the odd bootcamp here and there for a few clients wasn't the long term answer.

So I thought long and hard and being quite a creative guy I knew id eventually come up with a killer idea.

Then BOOM one day it just came to me like a bolt from the blue! I was lying on my sofa and BOOYAH, there it was 30+Bootcamp for lads!

A bootcamp for guys over the age of 30 ran by a trainer in his 30s (me!)

I put a status update on facebook (any trainer not using facebook to promote their business is fricking crazy in my eyes!) Which went like this...

"10 lads over the age of 30 in Cardiff , wanted to get fit and have fun, all in a non-intimadating environment"

Dude I filled it in 3 hours!

What I did next was host a FREE seminar to all the lads who had signed up.

I wanted to share with them what I had learnt in more 4 years in the industry and explain to them why I should be the go to guy for fitness in their 30s.

Remember the importance of making yourself a guru?

Well without even realizing it I already was.

Here's why...

in my 20s I was horribly overweight, always trying some diet, relying too much on cardio, weight loss pills, knew nothing about resistance training or nutrition, and was even diagnosed with weight related anxiety and depression a nutshell - bad times dude!

Well this eventually led me to want to drastically change my life, learn about what was right, first apply it to myself and then to that of my clients.

And of course that's exactly what I had done! Now I wanted to share with all these guys, the mistakes I had made with training and nutrition in my 20s, tell them exactly what I did to get leaner, feel happier, and have more energy than ever in my 30s when let's face it, as ridiculous as it may sound to a fellow fitness pro, there are guys all over the world feeling like this!

And you know what really proved why I should be that go to guy?

SOCIAL Fricking PROOF dude!

I literally showed em pics of me in my 20s with my man boobs and love handles and then they saw in person the leaner, healthier me in my 30s telling them how, why and what worked and continued work.

I'd never been one of those 'lucky' dudes who always been slim so this gave me a massive empathy with the majority of lads who at over 30 were feeling overweight, lacking in energy un-fit!

Fast forward 6 months and I'm now close to three locations with a growing bunch of members (up to almost 40 now, and this should double by January with the help of my super coach Steve!) and remember its a niche bootcamp so we don't just take anyone!

The most awesome thing about training my 'niche' is that I am one of 'them' I'm a 30 plus male, so I know how they think, talk etc.

I have an instant connection with them and everyone one in the camp are now friends becuase all the lads are of a similar age, mindset, have kids, are married, settled in their careers, were all on the same page and its wonderful!

It's like a boys club.

The camerardorie is awesome, the mickey taking is immense, we have social get togethers, for a lot of the lads with busy lives this is the highlight of they're week!

But best of all they are being educated to train in the right way by someone who's made all the mistakes and got the tee-shirt.

Its also done in a fun environment, away from busy commercial gyms and everyone is welcomed into the brotherhood!

We have some awesome characters who literally inspire the newcomers through everytime!

You can see it on the new guys faces, like woah what is this?

It's like a super awesome cult!

The results these guys have got has been immense, word has spread and we are growing day by day.

Due to that I now work less hours, I don't have to do 1-2-1 training all day and i start and finish when i choose whilst earning more.

Sure I still do personal training cause I love it and its a big part of my business but now I choose when I work!

I'm not a morning person so I generally start in the afternoons because I like to enjoy my sleep, exercise and do admin in the morning.

Having the niche bootcamp has allowed me to help more people at once, earn more whilst they pay less and focus on growing the business rather than slog my guts out.

Due to this I'm now working on my first ebook '30 plus mens fitness' using my soon to be famous 30plus fitness formula.

Aimed at busy guys in their 30s throughout the world with families and little time who don't want to go to busy overcrowded gyms full of the young guns!

And I've launched a new site with your help as a platform for the ebook it's

With your help were gonna blow it up! So with all this in mind Steve I wanted to add a little video with my 5 tips for blowing up in your niche or Bootcamp' hope you enjoy.!!

Love ya - Mark

Log into Mark's site at and get his free 'ninja nutritional' report.

Mark is a "niche" fitness expert and has a boot camp for men in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Check out and subscribe to Marks new niche' fitness blog here so you can follow what he's doing an implement some of his stuff into your boot camp.

Mark is a "niche" fitness expert and has a boot camp for men in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Check out and subscribe to Marks new niche' fitness blog here so you can follow what he's doing an implement some of his stuff into your boot camp.

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