Global Boot Camp marketing With Charities

How to get on the news, in the paper and on the radio, while helping people in need and becoming recognized as the local fitness expert... Oh and marketing the crap outta your boot camp?

picture-31That's exactly what Fit Body Boot Camp is doing with the "Burn the Fat, Feed the Hungry" global charity.

Here's how it works... and how it can be your ultimate boot camp marketing strategy.

First you find a local charity.

Next you set a date to have a boot camp work-out-a-thon where 100% of the proceeds go to your charity.

Next you put out a press release about what you're doing.

Then you contact the editors and producers of your local news stations, news papers, and radio stations, and invite them to your event.

Next you get local businesses, your friends, and boot camp members to both come to your charity event, and of course spread word to their friends.

And because the bigger your event is, the more donations your charity will receive, they will be more than happy to use all of their connections and resources to promote your event, and get you maximum media exposure.


You'll be helping people in need.

You begin to position your self as the local fitness expert.

You'll dramatically raise local awareness of you boot camp.

You'll get a ton of new leads for your boot camp.

You'll probably end up on the news, in the paper or on the radio (or all of the above if you do it right)

You'll have made contact with the editors and producers of the local media outlets (some may even participate in your event, putting you one step closer to having a regular weekly segment on the news as the local fitness expert.

Fit body boot camp owners get our complete "done-for-you" media kit, as well as unlimited coaching with me and Bedros every step of they way.

That's correct, part of owning a Fit Body Boot Camp is that you get UNLIMITED guidance with me and Bedros.

That kind of individual attention can easily run $9,000 - $14,000

What's crazy is you get TONS more than that with Fit Body Boot Camp for a fraction of the price...

In fact, we will be opening Fit Body Boot Camp for the next 24 hours, then closing it again.

We want to make sure that we only take on a few more Fit Body boot Camp's at a time so we can work one-on-one with our Fit Body Boot Camp owners.

To learn more about owning your own FBBC just click here.

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