How To “Automate” Your Fitness Business

Hey Steve here and I'm hangin out in Paris, France with my beautiful wife.

I was just thinking about back in the day when I was a "1-man show" personal trainer.

What sucked about going on a vacation back then was losing income while I wasn't working.

If I stopped, my income stopped. (I was even afraid to get hurt or sick because my income depended on ME working)

That was before I "automated" my business.

Automating your business allows you to DO WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT while continuously generating revenue

So here are 10 things you can do to automate your fitness business.

I call it, "Operation Automation!"

1. Hire a badass assistant

The first thing you need to do to automate your fitness business is hire an assistant.

This is CRITICAL trust me... Hire an assistant that can do all the day-to-day stuff so you can be freed up to do what you want and focus on high impact income generation activities.

Personally I have a kickass team of girls who totally rock at getting things done and making my life WAAAY easier.

2. Have other trainers working for you

Listen up because this will change your life...

When YOU train clients you own a "job"

However, when other trainers train your clients to generate you revenue, then you own a REAL business.

Fit body Boot Camp is a real business because it shows trainers how to own multiple boot camp locations run by other trainers.

3.  Auto-Debit, Auto-Debit, Auto-Debit!

If you have to manually collect money from your clients then you can't be automated.

I've been using auto-debit for almost ten years now and it rocks!

4.  Systematize

Don't "wing it" when it comes to your fitness business because if you do, it will be super hard to have it run without you.

I know being organized can suck, especially when you have super crazy A.D.D. like me, but it's a must when it comes to "Operation Automation"

5.  Build your business to SELL it

This may be the most important lesson...

Even if you NEVER intend to sell your fitness business, build it to be sold.

Here's why...

You can't sell your fitness business if it takes YOU to run it.

That's why whenever you do anything for your business, ask yourself, how can I do this without ME.

6.  Create An Alien Abduction Manual

When you have other people running your business like an assistant, sales call takers or other trainers, they need to create what I call an "Alien Abduction Manual" so that you can easily replace them if they were to get abducted by aliens (or fired!)

Tip: Have THEM write it as they go through their work day or create new procedures.

7.  Get Lazy

Resist the "I'll just do it myself" urge.

Have other people do things that are not (H.I.G.A's) high income generating activities.

8.  Outsource EVERYTHING!

Pretty self explanatory...

9.  Have multiple automatic client getters

Here's an example:

1.  High conversion website that's organically optimized for your key words.

2.  PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads that drive targeted traffic to your landing pages

3.  Lead boxes in businesses

10.  Crush your fears.

The only thing holding you back from automating your business is you.

If you're nervous, scared or think "My business is different.  This won't work!" -- Relax, because it will.  I promise.

And if you're not sure how, then find someone who's done it, and ask them how... (wink wink)

Have an awesome day keep DOMINATING!

Au revoir 🙂

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