How To Raise Your Boot Camp Prices With The “Momentum Method”

I've been seeing waaay too many boot camp owners charging too little for their boot camps lately.

9 times out of 10, the reason you may be "undercharging" has nothing to do with anything else but YOU.

In other words, you may SAY that you KNOW your boot camp has MASSIVE VALUE and that people wont pay higher rates but that's almost never true...

I'll prove it to you.

Let's say you're changing $97 bucks a month for you boot camp because supposedly that's all folks in your area can afford.

Now imagine if Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser opened a boot camp in your town and said that she only had 50 spots and she was charging $297 a month...

Do you think 50 people in your city would jump on that?

Hmmm... So they CAN afford it after all.

Now, I'm NOT saying to jack up your prices to double tomorrow and I'm NOT saying to raise the rates of your current boot camp clients either.

But you can raise the rates on your NEW clients slowly.

Here's how...

I call this my "Momentum Method"

Since raising your rates has everything to do with your CONFIDENCE, you do it in small increments.

For example, after the next 5 sign ups, raise your rates by 10 bucks for new clients.

Then after the next 10 sign ups, raise your rates by 10 bucks for new clients again.

Keep doing this until get stuck.

And don't worry because if you have to drop your rates here and there to close a deal, you can always find a reason to do so.

Now, there are four things that I HIGHLY recommend you when you raise your prices to increase client retention and happiness.

1.  Raise your ENERGY! You'd be so surprised how just raising your energy get you a ton more referrals and help you keep your clients 5x's longer.

2.  Take lots of pics of your clients working out and tag them on Facebook. When you take cool pics (and funny pics) of your clients working out and tag them on Facebook and leave a super awesome comment it makes them feel special.

It's such a small thing but IT WORKS so do it!

3.  Send your clients love texts. Let your clients know how much you appreciate them and how proud you are of them by texting them.

But DO NOT send a group text.

Group texts are the kiss of death.

There's nothing that says, "You're not so special" then a mass text.

4.  Send random thank you cards. Every so often, send a random thank you card in the mail with a little gift card, like a ten dollar Starbucks card.

Just tell them how awesome they are and how lucky you are to have such an amazing client.

You'd be SHOCKED how much this can mean to your clients and how much love you'll get back for it.

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