5 Things to Do This Month if You’re Starting a Boot Camp

When you’re starting a boot camp, you have a number of tasks in a number of different areas, including your physical facility, marketing, staffing and your daily operations. Sometimes it can really help your mindset and your progress if you can identify a handful of top priorities for right now, to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed or bogged down with details that can wait.

Here are five things you need to accomplish in your first month if you’re starting a boot camp.

Focus your marketing efforts on the three most important client funnels.

80% of your new clients are going to come from three channels: Facebook, your email list and client referrals. It’s especially important in the beginning that you focus your efforts on these. One of the best things about this list is that they’re all free, which can be important when you’re operating on a start-up budget.Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.10.47 AM

So how do you maximize the potential of these channels?

Start posting relevant content regularly to your Facebook page. At least one post per day. The most important posts are usable content that your followers will share and that help set you up as an expert, progress pictures that your clients’ friends will comment on, and any low-barrier offers that you have going on.

On your Facebook page, invite followers and visitors to sign up for your email list. Entice them with an opt-in page that rewards them with a free fat loss report, workout video or other valuable download. When new clients or customers using a low-barrier offer come in to your boot camp, always get their email addresses and add them to your list. Ask people to sign up for freebies and valuable content whenever you post a YouTube video, share a blog post or hand out your cards or flyers. Read the rest of 5 Things to Do This Month if You’re Starting a Boot Camp

FBBC World Conference Wisdom for Those Starting a Boot Camp

This year’s Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference was no surprise; it was dynamic, packed with practical information, exciting, motivating and inspiring.

If you weren’t able to make it to the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference, I want to share with you some of the things that you would have taken away from the conference and used to go back to your fitness boot camps pumped, informed and focused. If you’re just starting a boot camp, these points should be printed out and taped somewhere that you can see them regularly.

Find a mentor or coach or more successful friend and then ask and learn.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.34.30 PMDon’t try to figure everything out on your own, especially if you’re just starting a boot camp. Successful people, especially Fit Body Boot Camp top earners, are happy to share what they know with people who are willing to listen.

Whether you need to learn how to become a fitness marketing powerhouse or how to find, hire and train your staff, ask questions and then listen to what people who have already mastered these things have to teach you. You’ll save years of trouble and financial struggle just by taking advantage of other people’s experience.

Do at least one thing every day to move yourself closer to your goals.

Every day that you stand still is a day wasted. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll work on making the most of the three best sales funnels at some point. Work on one of them today. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll come up with a fitness info product once you’re making more money. Start brainstorming ideas this week. Don’t decide that you’ll give those windshield flyers another week to pay off, try another strategy right now. Have a list of goals and then list out some steps to reach those goals, then do at least one of those things every single day. Read the rest of FBBC World Conference Wisdom for Those Starting a Boot Camp

Marketing a Personal Training Business into a 7-Figure Monopoly

When a brand-new Fit Body Boot Camp owner or any new fitness entrepreneur is struggling to pay the bills and wondering what to do next to build their business, they have some trouble believing they could be earning six or even seven figures within just a few years. They know very little about marketing a personal training business, becoming well-known in their communities or establishing themselves as experts.

But let’s be really clear about something: the biggest earners at Fit Body Boot Camp started from exactly that same place. If they can get from where you are to where they are, so can you.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.53.46 PMI’ve spent a lot of time talking to and learning from people like Shawna Kaminski, Rebecca Tabbert, Sean Francis, Josh Carter and many other Fit Body Boot Camp owners who are pulling in 6-7 figures per year.

I want to share with you four things they all have know, use and tell the people who ask them for advice; four things that will help you get into a position to start marketing your personal training business into a seven-figure monopoly on the personal training market in your area.

Don’t run your business (or let it run you); use really good systems and let those systems run the business for you.

Fit Body Boot Camp owners have the advantage of having turnkey marketing, email, accounting, staffing and retention systems built right into their start-up package. These systems were chosen because they work. FBBC owners they don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend hours out of every day overseeing every aspect of the business. Smart entrepreneurs will find out which systems are working for the most people and implement those systems so that they can focus their energy and time on getting and keeping new clients. Read the rest of Marketing a Personal Training Business into a 7-Figure Monopoly

If You’re Selling Personal Training, You’re Selling the Wrong Thing

Do you know what the difference is between selling a product and selling a result? The answer is: everything.

When you’re selling a product, you’re just one of many in your area selling the same thing. You have to tell your prospect, “Look, here’s how I compare on price, features, etc.” When you’re selling results, all you have to say is “Look.” The key to fantastic conversion rates and steadily increasing your business and your income is to stop selling personal training and start selling results.

How do you do that?

First, by promising what no one else can and then delivering on that promise. You have what you need to do that. There is no better fat-burning program out there than what is offered by Fit Body Boot Camp and we’re known for it all over the US and Canada. Our fitness boot camps are also known for their community, accountability and support.

All you have to do is deliver a great customer experience using the formula you already have in your hands. When you do, you will have a building full of people who are walking, talking, breathing illustrations of the results you promise and deliver.Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.33.06 PM

Those living, breathing illustrations are going to tell everyone they know how they were able to transform their bodies and their lives and THAT is what will make you stand out among everyone else in your area.

There are a number of different marketing applications of Pereto’s 80/20 rule, but one of them is that 80% of your business will come from just 20% of your marketing channels. And I will tell you straight up that one funnel of your 20% will ALWAYS be referrals. This is why you must be focused on delivering results and then selling those results.

Selling personal training is one thing. Selling a changed body, a changed life, a changed outlook…..that’s a completely different thing and its value is so far above a package of workout sessions that the two can’t even be compared.

This is why the people who make six or seven figures in this business are the ones who can charge based on the value of their services rather than the going rates at the big box gyms or the specials over at the fitness boot camp three blocks away.

They don’t compete on price because they don’t have to. They’re delivering results and they know that results are the real product. Selling personal training is about selling change. It’s about selling true, lasting change and how that lasting change will make the client feel. Read the rest of If You’re Selling Personal Training, You’re Selling the Wrong Thing

Would You Be Happy to Make $5,000 in One Week from Your Boot Camp Marketing Email List?

$5,000 in extra revenue in one week. All the result of doing nothing more than sending out three short emails to your boot camp marketing email list. Does that sound pretty decent?

What if that $5,000 in turn led to an extra $83,000 this year?

Josh Carter did it and he’s put the entire promo together in a package for others to use, including the three emails for you to cut and paste. Let me tell you what he did.

Josh wrote up these three emails and sent them all out to his email list over the course of a week. The offer he made to the list was for his 28 Day Fit for Fall Challenge, which sold for $98 (two payments of $49). In that one week, he’d gotten 55 people to sign up, netting him $5,390. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.58.28 PM

Based on Josh’s conversion rates, he’ll turn those 55 people into 35-40 new clients paying $197 each month with monthly recurring billing (EFT). At minimum, that’s an additional $82,740 revenue. From three simple emails that you can get here.

Like I said, Josh put a promo package together to make it easy for you to duplicate his results, whether you’ve been in business two months or two years.

Here's what you'll get with it.... Read the rest of Would You Be Happy to Make $5,000 in One Week from Your Boot Camp Marketing Email List?

How Successful People Think about Starting a Fitness Business

There is definitely a huge difference between the way that successful people think and the way that unsuccessful think. In fact there are several huge differences. In working with and getting to know a lot of very successful fitness business owners and also coaching and mentoring some unsuccessful entrepreneurs, I’ve found that the way people think has everything to do with the way they run their businesses and how well they do it. If you’re starting a fitness business, you want to do so with a mindset that is programmed for success.

Let me share with you some of the really important differences in mindset between the successful and the rest of the world.

Successful people don’t focus on the problem, they focus on creating the solution.

How many meetings have you been to where everybody sat around griping about a problem – all the money it was going to cost, how much of a hassle it was going to be, what kind of doom and gloom might result – and no one actually offered any solutions?

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.17.15 AMTruly successful people identify the problem and then move right on to creating the solution(s) to it. No doom and gloom. Just answers and a mindset that was already focused on being past the problem. They think outside the box and even have the courage to break all the rules in order to keep on the path to success.

Have you ever really watched a track athlete take the hurdles? Look closely. They’re not looking at the hurdle that’s right in front of them. They’re looking ahead to the next one.

Successful people understand that it’s okay to make money – the more their business grows, the more people they can help.

People have a preconceived notion that really successful people are totally focused on the money. In a way they are, but it’s more that they’ve given themselves permission to make more money. They know that the more money they’re making, the more clients they can help, the more staff they can employ and the more charitable work they can do. Read the rest of How Successful People Think about Starting a Fitness Business

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The #1 Most Important Fitness Marketing Tool – Your Mindset

There are all kinds of incredibly effective fitness marketing tools at your disposal. You could go spend one hour on RenegadeFitnessMarketing.com and learn enough to triple your business this month. You could check out some of the done-for-you marketing products available on this site and have in your hands everything you need to take your fitness business to the next level.

But if you don’t have the #1 most important fitness marketing tool – the right mindset – none of that will do you much good.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.14.22 PMWhat I’m talking about here is getting rid of self-doubt. Specifically, two kinds of self-doubt. Doubt in your value and doubt in your abilities. Either one of them can cripple your business by keeping you from using the tools and strategies other people have used to become very successful.

Doubting Your Value

Maybe your mindset issue is doubting your own value. Not as a person, but as a trainer, leader and teacher. You don’t go out there and market yourself and your business because you don’t think you have anything valuable to share. You don’t talk to people about what you do or send out informative emails to your subscribers because you doubt the value of what you have to say.

Here’s what I have to say: the next time you walk into your fitness business, take a look at the clients there. Look at the client who’s laughing and smiling because she lost another inch or finally managed to climb a rope. Take a look at the guy who was fatigued and eating nothing but junk when he walked in three months ago.

What do you think your value is to them? What is the value of what you’ve helped them achieve? What will that value be five, ten or twenty years from now, when they’re living active, healthy lifestyles? Read the rest of The #1 Most Important Fitness Marketing Tool – Your Mindset

Targeted Fitness Boot Camp Marketing in the Fall

Your fitness boot camp marketing efforts should always be targeted toward one market group or toward promoting one aspect of your business. The shotgun approach to marketing (selling everything to everyone and everywhere) is extremely inefficient and costs more money while getting fewer results.

There are different factors that determine how and when you should change the focus of your boot camp marketing campaigns, and the changing seasons are one of the biggest. A lot of fitness businesses see a drop-off in incoming prospects and even in retention once the kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean that fall should be considered a slow time for business. It’s just time to target your fitness boot camp marketing to a couple of specific groups and to shine a light on how your boot camp meets their needs.Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.15.10 AM

Parents are a great group to target once the kids are back in school. There are a few reasons for this:

#1 – While the school years is really busy for parents, many stay at home and work at home parents have more flexible schedules during school hours.

#2 – Lots of parents overeat and let their exercise routines fall by the wayside during summer. Fall is a great time to show them how you can help them make up for it.

#3 – The holidays are approaching and that puts pressure on a lot of people to lose weight before the holiday eating season begins or to look good at parties and family gatherings. If they start now, they can make a lot of progress and often reach their goals by the time Thanksgiving arrives.

So what are some things you need to focus on when you’re marketing and selling your boot camp to parents? Read the rest of Targeted Fitness Boot Camp Marketing in the Fall

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How Selling Personal Training is Like Selling a Vacation – And Why That’s Important

I’ll bet at least a few of you are thinking, “Hey, none of my workouts could ever be called ‘relaxing’.” But that’s not where I’m headed.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that selling personal training is all about pointing out all of the great features and services you offer: lots of session times, low prices, early and late hours, or convenient location.

But that’s not why people buy personal training and 99% of the time, it’s not what makes them choose one fitness boot camp over another. It’s also not why people buy a particular vacation.

People choose a vacation because of two things: the results they want (where the vacation will take them) and the way it will make them feel.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.04.02 PMPeople choose a personal trainer for the same reasons. If you’re trying to close someone based on anything else, you’ll most likely fail.

Think about some of the things a good vacation does for you:

It gets you somewhere (helps you reach a goal).

It helps you to get away from your everyday world and its to-do lists.

You meet new people you would not have met otherwise, who make you feel like you’re among friends. Read the rest of How Selling Personal Training is Like Selling a Vacation – And Why That’s Important