Rare “Behind The Curtain” Look At Steve’s Success Rituals

People have been emailing lately asking me how, in a year and a half, did I go from being a homeless pizza delivery dude to:p13_1

  1. Building a six-figure personal training business in 6 months without spending a DAMN DIME on marketing.
  2. Increasing my personal training income to 257k per year while decreasing to 18 hours per week of training.
  3. Owning one of Orange Counties top personal training studios
  4. Opening 3 six-figure boot camps in 135 days.

Well, some of the answers are a little FREAKY.

But first, I had to hit ROCK BOTTOM... Literally

p13_3You see, I dropped out of college my senior year with no plan, no skills and a chip on my shoulder.  I hade no money, no car and no place to live.  To make a long story short I got mixed up with some pretty bad dudes... Some pretty bad girls too - but they let me sleep on the floor in their getto Fontana apartment.

But - my big "Ah Ha" moment came at about 2:00am one day...

p13_4So there I was trying to catch some zzz's (I was beat from a long day of being jobless and getting into trouble) when I looked up and noticed that a 1-inch cigarette ash was about to fall on my face.

Let me explain, I was sleeping on the floor with the cockroaches while another homeless guy had dibs on the couch I was sleeping next too- And right before the ash fell on my face, I sat up and said, "FUCK THIS SHIT!"

p13_5To make a long story short, I found a mentor, read a ton of success, business and marketing books, developed some daily rituals, and a year and a half later my life was VERY different.

That was when I learned how POWERFUL the mind is... You see, I was the same person, I just adapted a very different thought process - And because of it, got VERY different results (Money, love, respect, success, happiness)

And to this day, I continue to do success rituals.

Here's a short inside RARE look at some of them.

Enjoy -

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