Two Success Commandments I Learned From Frank Kern

Hey Steve here and I just got back from an awesome weekend at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad Ca with the Keuilian's.

We had such a blast playing on the giant water slide, eating delicious "healthy" food and kicking back on the hammocks.

We also ran into the famous meditation and philosophical expert Deepok Chopra.

He had one of those suped up BMW Alpinas so we asked him how he likes it.

That's when he said something really weird, he said, "It goes zero to sixty." and then he just walked away...

Weird huh, cuz ALL cars go zero to sixty.

Anyways, Bedros and I dropped the wives and kids off at the San Diego Zoo and stopped by internet marketing guru Andy Jenkin's house to preview the "Add To Cart" movie that he made.

Andy is also makes mainstream movies so it was really cool to hear his take on Bedros's movie.

One part of the movie in particular really stood out for me.

It was something internet marketing legend and super cool surfer dude Frank Kern said.

(This guy is the most successful and respected internet marketer on the planet and it didn't happen by accident)

So Frank said there are two rules to being successful and if you stick to these you will kick ass.

Frank Kern's Rule #1 is don't fuck off

... Now this may sound crude but it's actually pretty profound because A LOT of fitness professionals fuck off with out even knowing it.

For example, I've seen a lot of trainers answer emails, go on face book, and surf youtube all day instead of following up and generating leads...

Or another example that I've seen A LOT of is trainers that post ads on Craigslist ALL DAY because they would rather hide behind their computer thant "get out there" and make things happen.

In other words, they are fucking off.

And you can't fuck off all day and somehow magically become super successful and live a lifestyle of fun and freedom - Wont happen.

So rule #1 was simple enough, now here's rule #2.

Frank's Rule #2 is don't be a pussy.

This rule is pretty straight forward... But SO MANY trainers are being such pussies by either being to scared to get out of their "comfort zone" or too afraid to try something new or to but their as on the line and take a risk...

Every successful person I know feels scared but DOES IT ANYWAY. (No guts, no glory!)

Not being a pussy also means not quitting if something doesn't work right away.

I've heard a ton of trainers say, "But I tried... boo-hoo"

Well I say FIND A WAY, and if you don't know how, well then find or hire someone who DOES know how.

So here's what you can do right now...

#1.Β  Plan out your day the night before by creating a "todo" list and then friggin DO IT so you can avoid fucking around.

#2. Find out what your life's DREAM is and use that to motivate you to not be a pussy so you can do what you need to do.

Anytime I need an extra turbo boost of balls, I just look at a picture of my two little girls on my iphone and pretend that they are watching me right that second to learn how to handle "life"

And I WILL NOT let my little girls down so I suck it up andΒ  just do it.

So there you have it, Frank Kern's two success commandments, and what you can do right now to implement them.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

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