The Boot Camp Dominator’s Top 10 Checklist

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You've heard me talk about freedom, living "the life", security, fat bank accounts and more client then you know what to do with...

But it WONT happen for you.


Unless you have a plan.

Unless you know WHAT to do and exactly HOW to do it.

Think of it like spokes on a wheel.

You can get away with a few broken spokes, but if you're missing too many you wheel will collapse.


When you have all your boot camp marketing "spokes" in place, then you get results like FBBC owner Dustin Martorano.

Check out the text and pic I got from Dustin Martorano
after implementing this system

But you know your close personal friend Steve Hochman would never leave ya hanging with out giving you the tools you need to "have it all" 🙂

So here is my official "Boot Camp Dominator's Checklist" and if you want me to personally walk you through each step to success go here.

So let's knock this sucka out...

Here is your "Boot Camp Dominator's Check list"

#1 - The follow up - Now I have a good reason for starting with this one.

I've seen far too many fitness professionals go through my system, get landslides of leads, then let them just sit there collecting dust.

Or call them once and then never call them again.

It may take up to 8 calls to take someone from prospect to client.

So if you don't have a lead management system like "Mind Body" or another CRM system, then just use a good ol' fashioned excel spread sheet.

Here's what it should like:

The two most important columns are Date last call and Notes from last call.

You can arrange you spreadsheet by "Date last call" so that the most recent leads you called are at the top, and the ones you need to contact are at the bottom.

When you over 1000 leads it can get way out of hand really fast if you're not organized.

Make sure you write a few notes about what went down in the last call in the "notes from last call column".

Your note may just be "left voice mail", or it may be "Lead said they will be out of town, follow up on (date)".

#2 - Human Billboards 3.0 - The two biggest mistakes that I see trainers make when it comes to HB's is the script they use when prospecting for HB's and what they do (or don't do) to get them to refer clients.

So let's start with what to say when prospecting for Human Billboards.

Here my new Human Billboard 3.0 script
... My gift to you 🙂

You: Hey (name) it’s (your name), how have you been.

Them: Good thanks, how about you.

You: Doing great, the reason why I’m calling is because I was wondering what one thing you are doing right now that’s getting amazing fitness and weight loss results for you?

Them: Well, nothing really.

You: Oh really, so, what is your fitness goal?

Them: I want to lose about 10 or 15 pounds.

You: That’s cool, how can you tell you need to lose 10 or 15 pounds?

Them: Well, my pants are getting tight and I just don’t feel so good.

You: I understand… Hey, if you were going to be completely honest, would you say that each month you are slowly losing weight, staying the same, or slowly gaining weight?

Them: Well, probably slowly gaining weight.

You: Oh man, well I’m really glad I called you because I may have the perfect win-win for both of us.

I’m looking for a few people who I can train at a huge discount, well almost free, and they can just sort of spread the “buzz” around about my boot camp as long as they’re getting amazing results.

Would you be cool with spreading the buzz if I helped you lose that 10 to 15 pounds?

Them: That sounds awesome.

You: (set them up for an appointment, don’t talk about money until they show up to your boot camp)


Now when you get your Human Billboards, do this.

Now, each of your Human Billboards get their hair cut somewhere right?

So next you need to find out when each HB is getting their hair cut, put the date on your calendar and let them know that you are going to stop by that day and they are to introduce you to their hairdresser.

You job is to get their hairdresser to be a FREE Human Billboard in exchange for putting your plastic referral gift cards on their station and passing them out.

Also have that hairdresser introduce you to a few other hairdressers at the salon to do the same thing with.

Also, see if you can meet the owner, and ask if you display a lead box in the front of the salon.

If you get 2 to 3 hair dressers per salon (20 salons) that’s 40 to 60 hair dressers.  Usually only abut 50% will actually show up so you are looking at about 20 to 30.

Next, you need to facebook all your Human Billboards three times a week and tell them how awesome they are doing at your boot camp.

Instruct your HB’s to facebook you back how awesome your boot camp is, what great results they are getting and how much they love it.

With so many people talking you up, the word will quickly spread virally.

Just make sure you have a way for people to contact you in your profile and a special offer displayed there as well.

Next, you need to facebook all your Human Billboards three times a week and tell them how awesome they are doing at your boot camp.

Instruct your HB’s to facebook you back how awesome your boot camp is, what great results they are getting and how much they love it.

With so many people talking you up, the word will quickly spread virally.

Just make sure you have a way for people to contact you in your profile and a special offer displayed there as well.

Next, ask all your HB’s for the name and phone number of 5 of their friends who you could call to offer them a free week of boot camp.

Don’t accept “no” for an answer, make sure all 40 human billboards give you at least 5 names (trust me they know 5 people who would be interested.

And 40 HB’s X’s 5 names and numbers = 200 names and numbers.

If you close 20% of the 200, that is 40 new clients (How easy)!

But even though it's pretty simple, if you want me to personally walk you through the whole thing so you KNOW it will work for you, just go here.

And next...

#3 - Lead Boxes (50 of them) - This is one of the most powerful yet over looked lead getting strategy.

Check it out...

50 lead boxes in local businesses multiplied by 5-10 leads per month = 250 – 500 leads a month!

1.    Order lead boxes from or some other company.
(Warning, the owner is kinda rough around the edges)

2. Find stores to put them in.

Ask your clients where they go for:

Little fast food “semi-healthy” restaurants
Hair salons
Nail salons

You can also do a Google search for these local businesses.

3. Have your clients do it for you by offer all you clients a $25-$50 credit towards their next month of boot camp for every lead box they get displayed in one of the types of stores listed above.

4.    You can do it yourself with this Script (See below)

**DO NOT walk in the store holding a lead box**

Here’s a Tanning Salon example.

Walk into a tanning salon and ask, “Who would I talk to if I wanted to refer a bunch of customers?”

When you are talking to the person in charge say, “My fitness boot camp clients look better, feel better and workout harder and eat better when they tan…

“It just makes them feel good.”

“What would be the best way to refer my fitness boot camp clients to you?”

Ask the person in charge what’s the #1 thing that they are doing that is getting them amazing fitness results right now.

When they say “nothing” ask what their fitness goals are (or if they have a spouse, ask what their fitness goals are)

After they answer tell them that you’re a business owner too and you would love to train them for
Next ask if each month they are slowly losing weight, staying the same, or slowly gaining weight.

When they tell you they are staying the same or slowly gaining weight, say, “I bet if I helped you reach your goals, you would probably spread the buzz about my boot camp, huh?”

When they say yes (Or yes to you helping their spouse) get their contact info and set them up for an appointment (Train them free of charge)

Next, ask them if it is ok to leave a lead box in their store for 30 days to see what happens and for every sign up you get, you will pay the store $50


Also tell them that you are going to put about 50 lead boxes in local businesses and you average about 250 to 500 names number and emails a month and you would be happy to help them build their email list by sending them an excel spreadsheet each month with all the names, numbers and email addresses from all 50 stores.

Tell them that during the 30 days if it doesn’t work out, simply tell you and you’ll  move the lead box to another store.

Ask, “Would you be ok with trying that for 30 days and see how it goes?”

5.    Have your assistant pick up the leads once a week and enter leads into your auto-responder system and an excel spread sheet (so you can call and follow up with each lead, and make notes) 

Make the spreadsheet is organized so that you know what business they dropped their info in a lead box in so that you can pay the business their commission.

6.    Each month pick ONE winner for the free month… Everyone else gets a phone call that they one a free week.

When you call the leads:

Tell them they won a free week of boot camp

If they are not interested in the free week then call them a week later call and offer them the 14 day fat furnace for $67

If they are not interested in the 14 day fat furnace for $67 then a week later call and offer them the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss workout for $97

If they are not interested in the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss workout for $97 then a week later call and offer them the 6-week body transformation for $249.

Be persistent… It pays off!

This is a big one...

#4 Daily discount deals (Groupon) - Now, for sure this one can BLOW YOUR BOOT CAMP UP in one shot faster than just about anything...


If you do it wrong it an be a disaster.

It would take too long to go into every detail about how to do this amazing client getting formula right, but I will give you the basics.

Or you can have me walk you through each step in Boot Camp Formula 5

So here are the basics.

Step one - Have your assistant email all the daily discount sites every day...

Ignore it if they email you back and say no...

Just keep emailing.

Here are a few of the best daily discount sites I've found:

Step two - When you do a deal with one of these sites, don't sell too low.

Get as close as you can to 50% of your normal rate.

You may get less people but they will be a lot more qualified.

Step three - Set up an automatic system that explains how your program works to new daily deal sign-ups and make sure the automatic system get's their credit card info.

Getting their CC up front is the KEY to making this a success.

You'll have a much higher conversion rate and you wont go crazy chasing people around to sign up.

All this stuff is broken down and explained to you in Boot Camp Formual 5 2.0

Do this next one today...

#5 - Get an assistant! - You should only be pulling the "big" levers in your business that generate REVENUE.

EVERYTHING else should be outsourced to an assistant.

Most trainers only spent 10 - 20 percent of their time on the (HIGA) high income generating activities.

Get an assistant, spend 80 to 90 percent of your time on your HIGA and your income will skyrocket.

Believe that.

#6 - Get clients on Facebook - After doing FB ads and testing and tweaking a special fan page, we've averages 3-5 new boot camp clients per week which works out to be 12 - 20 new clients a month.

Learn all about the FaceBook Fan Page Boot Camp Filler Formula.

The bigger your boot camp, the more clients you will get from this next one

#7 - Have a referral contest every 8 weeks - When you run a referral contest, do it like this.

1.    Do a referral contest for 30 days.

2.    Each member who refers a friend who sign up, get’s half off their next month’s dues.

If they bring in two referrals that sign up, then they get a whole month free.

If they bring in 3 new members then they get a month and a half free... 

And so on.

3.    The member who refers the most people that sign up receives a full year of free boot camp.
4.    A referral doesn’t “count” until their first charge has been processed.

5.    Start promoting your referral contest by blasting an email to your current clients, past clients, friends and prospects.

6.    call your current clients, past clients, friends and prospects and tell them about the referral contest.

7.    Put a white board up in your boot camp that displays everyone’s place in the contest and how many free half months they’ve earned.

This is very important because the people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will work super hard to be number one and the rest of your boot camp members will at least want to earn half off next month’s dues even if they don’t think they can actually win.

8.    Update all your boot camp members by calling, texting and emailing them the referral contest status.

It’s important to make it “feel” like an exciting competition.

9.    Keep handing out plastic gift cards to your members to help them bring in referrals.

10.    Encourage your clients to Facebook about the contest.

11.    At the end of 30 days declare a winner.

#8 - Raise your energy - I'm not gonna say who's boot camp it was, but when I visited their trainer was just standing there while the "4" boot campers were working out.

She would say, "do this.", or "Do that."

Here energy SUCKED and that's why she only had 4 people.

Give a friggin performance each and every boot camp workout.

If you like freedom, you'll love this next one

#9 - Phase yourself out - I have an important question for you.

Do you know what the difference between a “job” and a “business” is?

Well, a job is something that makes you money while you are there working.

On the other hand, you make money from a business whether you are there or not.

For example, if YOU teach a boot camp, and you get sick, or go on vacation, then your income suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

If you have OTHER trainers teaching your boot camps, then you will continue generate income regardless if you’re physically there or not.

Look at it this way...

Your primary income is from your boot camp right?

That’s cool, but are you going to teach it forever... Like what’s gonna happen when your 40, 50, 60...  Where is your income going to come from?

The Fit body Boot Camp model uses the “Phase In, Phase Out formula” to slowly phase a new trainer into your boot camp as you slowly phase yourself out.

Once you do this, you’ll have a passive stream of income.

As you repeat the process, over time you will end up with multiple boot camp locations taught by other trainers resulting in multiple passive income streams.

Ahhhh, your retirement/freedom plan...

So here is the step-by-step blueprint of the Fit Body boot Camp “Phase In, Phase Out formula”

Step 1.  Open your boot camp and build it to a minimum of $3500 per month.

Step 2. Put Find A Trainer On Craigslist Ad on for a personal trainer who has a ton of energy and would like to teach a fitness boot camp for $25-$45 per hour plus bonus incentives.

You can also contact the physical education dept of a local university and offer a paid internship to their top students.

Step 3. Do a group interview with all the applicants and pick the one you like the best.

Step 4. Begin the “Phase In” method by having the trainer walk around during your boot camp just learning peoples names and complimenting them.

Step 5. Have trainer continue to lean names and compliment, and also make tiny corrections to establish the “authority factor”

Step 6. Have the trainer lead the warm up as well as continue step 5.

Step 7. Have the trainer continue to lead the warm up, then split the boot camp into two groups where you take one group and the trainer takes the other.  Half way through the workout, switch groups again, and see what kind of feedback you receive about the trainer.

Step 8.  Assuming all goes well in step 7, let the trainer take one class all by themselves.

Step 9.  If step 8 goes well, then let the trainer take 2 classes solo.

Step 10.  Continue increasing the days the trainer teaches solo until you are completely phased out.

Then find a new location and repeat the process.

Soon you will have multiple 6-figure passive income streams.

Do you REALLY want to DOMINATE?

#10 - Learn from the best and do it right the first time.

There aren't many time when an opportunity comes along to have the world's undisputed king of boot camp domination personally walk you through all of his boot camp exploding secrets.

It's also pretty rare the be GUARANTEED to be on pace for 6-figures with tons of new clients in just three weeks or your money back.

And it's really not often that you get all this for about one tenth the cost of his coaching programs and masterminds.

Think about it...

I must be either super confidant or super foolish to offer a money back guarantee to get you on pae for 6-figures on just three weeks.

But this opportunity WILL disappear TUESDAY (2/15) at midnight.

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