Top 16 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Be A Fitness Celebrity

Hey, Steve here with a super cool guest post from Dustin "The Fitness Media Dominator" Maher.

Dustin has a pretty amazing story going from living in a run down trainer park, to being on pace for nearly 7 figures with his boot camp business.

He owes a lot of his success to being a local fitness celebrity.

(I mean the guys been featured on television like 87 times)

So without further ado, here is Dustin and his top 16 things NOT do do if you EVER want to become a fitness celebrity.

Enjoy ūüôā

Having built my fitness business up from 3k/month to close to 50k/month in less than 3 years without spending a dollar on advertising (well actually I did spend $125 on an add once in a local magazine), I feel like I have earned the right to speak on today's topic.

I don't know a more effective way to grow a fitness business and create a cult-like following better than being everywhere your potential clients look.

What I mean by that is when THEY are watching TV, I AM ON THE NEWS.

When they are reading the paper, I have a column or am on the front page.

When they are listening to the radio, I have my "ask the expert show" call in show.

When they open up a local magazine, I have a story written about me or from me.

Can you see how powerful that is?  Also think about your current clients, they see you all over too... Do you think they would ever want to train somewhere else?  Probably not.

In my upcoming Fitness Media Dominator coaching program I am going to coach you and guide you through the many steps it takes to get tons of FREE publicity through TV, and other media sources.

But if you DON'T want to get on the media endless amounts of times, follow these steps. ūüôā

However, If you do, just do the opposite.

16,  Assume that just because you think you have the greatest fitness program in the world, that the media will think the same.

15.  Contact a reporter and producer and try to convince them why they should feature your business over the 50 other fitness businesses in your area.

14.  If you get a TV segment and show up with NO energy and NO visual props... never get asked back on.

13.  Thinking your program appeals to everyone and being very generic.

12.  Sending out a press release saying something like, "New Bootcamp Studio Just Opened Up, Better Than any other Training Program in XYZ (Your City).

11.  Stalking the news reporters and producers and calling them everyday, bugging them to get you on TV, radio, or magazine.

10.  Pitching the producers with topics like, "5 Different Ways To Do a Bicep Curl."  Very boring!

9.   Making cold calls to the media instead of getting to know them first or getting introductions from clients or mutual friends.

8.   Not understanding that the media only cares about 1 person, and that is their customer base which is viewers, listeners, and readers (well that is hopefully more than 1, but you know what I mean)

7.   Sending 1 press release out and when not hearing back from anyone, assuming that they don't want anything to do with you.

6.   Only going after 1 source of media.

5.   Not having a specific plan of action to follow up with each media contact.

4.  Sending your press release or story idea to EVERYONE who is related to the media.

3.  Be FAT!  This is pretty obvious, but if you don't look like a trainer, sorry.

2.  Thinking that having a static boring website with no social proof won't make a difference when trying to get the attention of the media.

And finally

1.   Not having someone there to help guide you through the process who has come before and already done it.

Be sure to leave Dustin "The Fitness Media Dominator" Maher a comment below with your feedback and comments.

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