Top Trainer Secrets Revealed Part 6: The Full Monty Miller

*** Be sure to watch the videos below a "must see" ***

Hey Steve here with not one but TWO amazing "must see videos"

And here's why...

I flew from beautiful California to "The  middle of nowhere" in Wilmington North Carolina  to visit my coaching client Monty Miller because he's doing something pretty amazing.

He has a stand-alone boot camp facility in the middle of a field with some cows and he is easily pulling in $10,000 a month (And each month it's going up about $1000 a month)

And it's a good thing too because his wife Steph has a very expensive shoe habit.

Oh, and one more thing you should know...

Not only is Monty killing it with his boot camp facility amongst the cows in the field, but HE IS DOMINATING AND SMASHING EVERY BOOT CAMP in Wilmington.

Is it because he is one of my coolest coaching clients?

Is it because he is very handsome?

Is it because he has a very large "personality"?

Sure all of these are factors... But when you watch the video below, you will literally FEEL THE ENERGY of his boot camp.

It's insane.

It's addictive.

And his boot camp clients feel like they are part of a cult - like they have a "second home".

You'll know exactly what I mean when you watch the video below.


Is Monty's boot camp "off-da-hook" or what?

He's so cool to, one of the nicest clients I've ever coached.

And at the end of the video below, not only will Monty break down his success secrets, but you will get to meet his beautiful wife Steph (She is soooo awesome)

So there you have it...

How to take a tiny shack in a field out in the middle of nowhere and turn it into a $10,000+ boot camp business.

Since this video, Monty ha already gone from $10,000 a month to $12,000 a month and is opening his second stand-alone boot camp facility.

And... He just became one of our newest Fit Body Boot Camp owners.

That's right baby, WORLD DOMINATION!

Be sure to leave a cool comment with what ya thought or if you have any questions for one of my favorite coaching clients, Monty Miller.

Monty Miller owns Monty's Boot Camp in Wilmington North Carolina and is an expert personal trainer in Wilmington  NC

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