How To Get 100 Boot Camp Clients For $25 Bucks

The whole reason you checkout often is to get the freshest, most out-of-the-box six-figure boot camp marketing tactics on the planet.

And darn it, YOU deserve it for changing so many lives.

So now you’re about to get a HUGE HEADSTART at what may be the BIGGEST client getting tactic of the century.

I call it the “Craigs List Foot Soldier Plan” and when I show you the numbers your gonna totally FREAK OUT.

So first, I’m gonna lay out the scenario for you.  (This is very important)

A ton of sales peeps have been laid off because of budget cuts and downsizing.

There searching craigslist like crazy to find another source of income.

(They’re friggin desperate - it’s pretty sad)

So I got to thinking (I do that from time-to-time), sales people need money and something to do, I need more clients… Hmmm.

So I did some simple math, and this is what I came up with…

If I can get 20 skilled sales people to each refer 5 people to my boot camp per month, I would get 100 new clients a month (20 X 5=100)

Or another way to look at is, if I can get 10 sales people to refer 10 clients each to my boot camp a month I would get 100 new clients (10 X 10=100)

(More simple math) If I charge $197 auto debit per month for my boot camps, then I would increase my income by $19,700 a month in 30 days… and If I did it again the second month then I would increase my income a total of $39,400 a month in 60 days

WOW that’s $472,800 in a year!

And my outta pocket cost was only $25 dollars for the ad LOL.

Here’s the short version

You put an ad on Craigslist (costs $25 bucks) explaining that you will pay $50 per referral that sign up for your boot camp.

You also explain that you will give them powerful referral tools (plastic gift cards) that will make referring clients to your boot camps WAY EASY.

You set up times to interview the sales people (in grou ps) and give them instructions plus the referral tools.

I estimate that you will need about 20 sales people to hit your goal of 100 clients in a month.

Now for the long step-by-step version

I’m going to break this down into little “micro-steps” and strategies to make this a piece of cake for you to put into action…

1. Put up this ad on in the classified section under
>Sale Jobs< (see below)

(Important, use this subject line)  Make $200 a day referring people to my boot camp


This is by far the easiest way to make up to $200 a day.

Work whatever hours you want from wherever you want.

Here’s how it works in 3 EASY steps:

Step 1 – I supply you with $100 dollar plastic gift cards for my boot camp

Step 2 – You hand them out.

Step 3 – I pay you $50 for each person that signs up for my boot camp

The last guy I was using got married and moved out of the state

(He averaged $200 a day)

We have boot camp locations all in:

(Your locations here)

If you would like to make some EASY money

working whenever you want, Reply to this ad with your:


Phone number


Best time to reach you

This position is going to be filled FAST so reply now to secure your spot

Talk to you soon,

(Your name here)

http://www. (Your website here)

Hiring Organization: (Name of your boot camp here)

* Location: (Your location here – main city)

* Compensation: starting at $50 per referral

* This is a part-time job.

* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

* Please, no phone calls about this job!

* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

2. When you get responses reply with this email (see below)

Thanks for responding to my ad,

I'm totally serious about this.... You can easily average $200 bucks a day (not a bad little side income) especially with such a high unemployment rate.

Just so you know I'm not some kind of a weirdo (just an innovative entrepreneur who likes win-wins)

I’ve listed a few days and times I'm available to meet with you to get you started.
(Days & Times)

(Location address and cross streets)

(What you’ll be wearing )

Let me know what day and time works best for you...

(optional) Also here is my cell if you get lost

Email me back ASAP so we can get this “win-win” going

Talk to you soon,

(Your name)
Learn more about “who the heck “your name” is here (your wensite/s)

3.  When you meet with them use this contract (see below)

(Your business name) : Independent Salesperson Contract

Personal Information

First & Last Name _________________________________________________________
Phone Number ______-______-_______  Email _________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________________      State ___________     Zip Code ___________________


I, ____________________________________, agree to these terms & conditions:

1.     I will receive $50.00 reimbursement for every new client who signs a contract with (Your business name) after the 2 week trial period, with no limit on reimbursement.

2. I will put forth my best effort to meet the goal of 4 new signups per week.

3.     I will update the appropriate Google Document with new client information & the date I spoke with them within 7 days of speaking with them. If I do not notify (Your business name) of a client within 7 days of speaking with them, I forfeit reimbursement for that client.

4.     There are 2 pay periods per month: (1) from the 1st day to the 15th day of the month, and (2) from the 16th day to the last day of the month. Paychecks will be mailed by the 7th day following the end of each pay period.

5.     I understand that I get a bonus of $100 if I get 5 or more sign ups per week.

Salesperson Signature ___________________________Date______

(Your name) Signature __________________________ Date ______

A few tips....

1.  Have your Boot Camp Referral Foot Soldiers put leadboxes in local businesses and also follow up on the leads.

2.  Give your your foot soldiers plastic gift cards and tell them to pass them out to all their friends.

3.  Make sure your foot soldiers workout in your boot camp so they can speak passionately about it.

4.  Stay in close contact with your referral foot soldiers and ask how they are getting clients so you get some new ideas and share them with the other foot soldiers.

5.  Give them bonus incentives and make sure you tell all the other foot soldiers who earned bonuses so they stay motivated.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this boot camp marketing post, it's 11:12pm, time to hit shoulders, abs and cardio!

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