Secret To Keeping Clients Waaaaay Longer

Hey I'm heading out the door to teach my VIP Boot Camp Mastermind group the sickest most Ninja boot camp empire building strategies on the planet.

Now, boot camp marketing is great and all, but once ya get em, ya gotta keep em.

Short client retention is like pouring water in a bucket that's riddled with holes...

Not cool.

If ya want to me a Jedi Master of client retention, ya need to understand the way your clients think and what they want.

Ya see, they are not PASSIONATE about fitness, if they were, they's be trainers like you.

They may have fun training with you and they may be addicted, but trust me on this, it's not their passion.

They wont see they value on having monthly group nutrition conference calls or workshops or reading your awesome blog posts.

You read this blog because your business is your passion and you want to have more clients, money and freedom.

There are 3 simple things you need to do to have super loooooooong client retention.


But seriously, ya want to keep clients forever, RAISE YOUR ENERGY!

Each workout, pretend you are on a stage in front of the world and their are cameras bradcasting your workout to 50 million people...


You know when you gave it your all and you know when your energy is low or not as high as it can be.

Raise your energy man... I swear it will change your business and your income forever.

#2 - Sunday Night Pump Up Calls - After deconstructing what I did to build a monstrous training business, one of the things I found when I interviewed my clients that stayed with my for 3 to 5 years was the value of a Sunday night PUMP UP call.

Each Sunday, I would call ALL my clients and leave a massage or talk to them really quick about how friggin pumped I was to see them next week and how I go an INSANE break-through plan for them.

I gave them a HUUUGE dose of APPRECIATION and got them excited for the next week.

Plus it showed that I cared... A LOT.

The calls were short and funny, actually more hyper and crazy...

And if the client started chit chatting I'd say that my kid as about to fall or something and I had to go.

I would make over 150 short calls EVERY Sunday and it was well worth it.

A good old Sunday night pump-up call will keep you connected and appreciated by your clients 100x's more than any blog post ever could.

So do it!

#3 Texting Clients  After Workouts - Now I am NOT talking about sending "mass" texts.

I'm sure you are like me and HATE getting obvious mass texts that make me feel insignificant.

I'm talking about talking about taking a few minutes to text your clients INDIVIDUALLY after their workout.

Don't do this after every workout, just a couple of days per week.

And if you can text them when they're at work, you'll probably get them talking about how awesome you are to their co-workers which turns into referrals.

Those are the BIG 3 Client Retention Factors and they delivered KILLER RESULTS for myself and my coaching clients.

I'm super pumped for you to keep your clients waaaaaaay longer and continue to keep building your boot camp empire and I'd love to hear YOUR top strategies for client retention.




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