SEO Domination Method

Google Places


Building Links

Here's how to build in coming back links.

Website Optimization

It is recommended to have the following on your site:

Directories to be listed on – Make sure they setup a business Yelp account – This is a great one to be on. – Googles Local - Yahoos Local - Bings Local - They just revamped

Google Local Listing

When setting up your local listing do the following:

Hey "name"

I really need your help with something...I know you

are extremely busy but I promise this won't take up your time.

We've just started asking for reviews of our fitness workouts on all the local online directories. (google places, etc)

By having these reviews is positions our fitness program as the place to be!

But the best part is it will give us the opportunity to be featured on daily discount sites such as Groupon, Social buy, etc.

This would help us tremendously =)

It will take only 15 minutes to write a review of our program and go to Google, copy and paste your review.

It would mean the world to us if you could take about 20 (note: we are always looking to increase our web presence so in the future we may ask you to add your review to additional sites)

1. Google places: Your Website

(put your Google place page link here)

Some of the questions you should consider when crafting your review are…

1. What is your overall feeling about “Your Website”

2. Would you recommend us to others?

3. What's the #1 benefit you’ve received from training with us?

4. What specific results have you received as a client of ours?

5. What differentiates us from the other trainer down the street?

6. How was your health before training with us?

7. What have you tried before coming to see us? (Diets, pills, potions, at home workout programs (DVD’s, P90X, Shake Weight, Ab Lounge), other gyms/trainers, etc.)

8. Describe your fun workout experience.

Please use a few keywords in your review. By using “Keywords,” you’re helping people find us easier. Examples of keywords you should include are:

1. Boot camp

2. Boot camps

3. Bootcamp

4. Personal training

5. Personal trainer

6. Fitness

7. Health clubs

8. Gyms

9. Put Your City Here

Important Notes:

1. Be honest in your review.

2. Don’t overuse keywords in your review.

3. If you’re not a great writer and would like us to review your
testimonial before you post it simply email it to us at “fill in your email here”

Thank you so much!!!

Your Name

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