The Ultimate Boot Camp Marketing Before the Holidays

I've been getting a ton of personal trainers asking my what the best boot camp marketing strategies are right around the holiday season.

Ya see, right some folks are thinking about dropping a few pounds before the holidays, but most aren't planing on getting started until after Jan 1st.

Their most popular objections are:

  • I'm so busy right now getting ready for the holidays.
  • I'm going on vacation.
  • I'm going to have to miss workouts so I'll just start after Jan 1st.
  • I'm spending a lot on gifts and stuff so my budget is tight right now.

With that said, the PERFECT holiday boot camp marketing promo is one that overcomes ALL the OBJECTIONS, and get's them in and committed to your program NOW so you don't have to compete with the mad new years rush.

So right now, do a promotion where participants can train at a big discount from now until the second week of January.

Tell them that you ENCOURAGE them to miss workouts and eat how they would normally eat (just follow a few lose nutritional guidelines)

Also let them know that it's built into the price that they will miss up to two weeks of workouts between now and the second week of Jan.

Tell them that by just working out 3 times a week, and missing workouts that interfere with shopping, family, vacations and holidays they can enjoy NOT gaining weight while their friends become fat little piggies.

When the prospect comes in on the first day, have them pick the program that they want to be on should they choose to stay on board after the promo, and let them know that as long as they don't tell you they don't want to continue, they card will be auto-debited the amount of the program they selected.

Now you can get all those folks who were planing on "waiting till new years" to start, on board your program BEFORE the new year.

The best ways to promote this is to send a three step email blast series to your list.

The first email would go out on Monday, the second on Wednesday, and the third on Friday, then the program starts on the following Monday.

You can also post this on your facebook page and even incentive your clients to blast the email series to their friends.

The bottom line is that you DO NOT have to wait until after the holidays to start marketing your boot camp.

Good luck and happy holidays 🙂




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