Work Hard, Play Hard!

Ya know, when you work hard, it's also important to play hard.

Everything in nature ebbs and flows in cycles - Nothing stays constant.

And taking a break, having fun and getting a little crazy sometimes is... "healthy" 🙂

And that's exactly what we did in Las Vegas after two long days of coaching the 100k Info Mastermind Group with my buddy's Bedros, Big Chris McCombs, Craig Ballantyne, and Vince Delmonte.

We took the peeps in our group to Club Hayz in the new Ariea Hotel, and it was off the hook.

And it was pretty cool seeing Snoop dogg perform live.

(For some reason as soon as Snoop stepped on stage, I noticed a funny smell in the club... Hmmm, can you guess what it was?)

But before I go on, I want to thank my best bud Bedros for hooking up the VIP lounge for everyone!

He's one of the most giving and generous people I've ever met.

(I took a peak at the bill, and let's just say it was in the five-figure range)

I don't hit the club scene very often, but if you're gonna do it, the VIP lounge is definitely way to go.

So back to the night...

Because of the rule, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", I wont mention any names but...

...Before the night was over, there was some girls kissing other girls, some dudes drinking so much they lost their cookies, and I actually saw a real life Gremlin.

Also, I invited one of my private coaching clients from Vegas, Tony wood,  join us at the club.

It was so cool cuz we had an absolute blast (The guy is a total action taker and is doubling his boot camp practically every week)

Like I said, you gotta work hard, and play hard... it's "healthy"

And at the end of the day, it was an "epic" trip that I will never forget.

And I'm looking forward to experiencing and sharing many more amazing adventures with you in 2010!

Rock on!
Your pal, Steve

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