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Fitness Marketing with Local Businesses

Hey, this is Steve Hochman. And today I'm going to show you how to get 100 clients from companies. That means local businesses in your area, and you're going to get 100 clients from them. And here's exactly how.

So how do you find these companies? Well, there's two ways. Just companies that you know of or you know someone who works in a big company. When I say "big company," I'm typically talking about 20 employees and up. But there's a lot of companies out there with an average of 100 employees. There's many companies out there with 7,000 to 8,000 employees. Let's just pick companies with about 100 employees.

With this fitness marketing strategy, you're going to interview all of your clients and just ask them where they work. Very simple; "Where do you work?" So if you have 50 clients, there's a good chance that at least 10 or 20 of them probably work at a big company with about 100 employees or so. So you're going to get the companies from the clients.

This is how you're going to go to the companies and get the client's from the companies. Number one: With an office visit. So let's say one of your clients that works at a company -- let's say they work at a graphic design company. And her name is Julie. Say, "Julie. I would love to stop by your work one day and just see what you do. I think it's so cool; graphic design. The fact that you create things and everything. Hey. Can I cruise by some time?" Your client will probably be flattered that you even asked.

So you stop by Julie's office. You visit her. She shows you her cubicle or where she works or what she does. You say, "Great. Can you introduce me to your co-workers? And, hey; if any of these co-workers end up training with me, I'll give you half-off your next month of boot camp."

So you know what happens when you get introduced to people who has a trainer, when Julie says, "Hey. This is my personal trainer," people always say, "Oh. I got to get in shape." Or like, "Oh. I really got to do something. I got to start training." You go, "Oh, great. Well, you know what? I have a 16-day sexy slim down. Hey. What's the best number to text you? And I'll text you all the details." And then you just stare them like this and they give you their number.

So figure if there's 100 employees and you get, like, 10 numbers, that would be great. Then, you would then advise Julie. You say, "Look, Julie. I'm going to be calling these people. But if you can also help these people come in, that'll be great. Because any one of them that signs up earns you half-off your next month of boot camp." So Julie's -- these people are probably have their numbers. There you go, super easy to follow fitness marketing tip to flood your boot camp with new clients.

Method number two is to do a health talk. And that's really simple. While you're there at the company visiting, have Julie introduce you to the human resource director. Say, "Look. I'd like to do a lunch-and-learn or health talk with your company. I do a talk on health and fitness -- you know, a free talk. What would be good for your guys?" You get a bunch of people in the room, you do a health talk, and you get them into your program.

Another awesome way is to do a "Biggest Loser" contest. So while you're in there visiting and you talk to the human resource director, also say, "Geez. I would love to do a 'Biggest Loser' contest with your company where as many people that participate, they get a big prize." So let's say the prize is like a 50-inch plasma TV, and let's say it's, like, $500; the amount of people that participate in the contest divide by the price of the TV, and that's how much it cost them to enter the contest.

So for instance, if there's 10 people that want to enter the contest, they would each pay $50 as an entry fee and that $50 would go towards a TV. If 20 people enter the contest, then they would only have to pay $25. So it incentivizes all the employees to get other employees to do the contest, so they each have to pay less entry fee to participate in the contest.

So there's three quick, easy fitness marketing ways to get clients from companies. And if you do the math, if you can find 20 companies with 100 employees, that's 2,000 employees. If you can just get a five percent from each company, just five percent -- so if it's 100 employees, if you can get five of them to work out with you, times 20 companies, that's 100 clients. I mean, we're charging about $200 a month, that's $20,000 a month, which is about $240,000 a year. Not bad just from doing some office visits and talking to your clients.

And again, this is one of those marketing systems that are known for that don't cost you a single dime. And coming up in January, this is the perfect time to do these two things. So go ahead and do that.




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