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Forget Fitness Boot Camp- It’s Time for Business Boot Camp

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 3:20 pm

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your entire business model, your business processes and procedures, and your employee efficiency, and completely gutted those established systems to make way for new and improved methods?

Last year? Two years ago? Have you ever done something this?Evaluate Time

Well, perhaps a complete overhaul might not be the greatest idea, but I am certain there are areas of your business, maybe small pockets or possibly massive sections, in need of in-depth evaluation and restructuring.

Businesses spring leaks. There are always issues and problems that develop over time or hide in the shadows until you seek them out and discover them. Fit Body Boot Camp has some complicated and complex systems, with nuances and details unique to each location and each owner. There’s no getting out of it, there will be problem areas that develop with your business structure— this is normal and unavoidable.


Fitness Business Time Management

Posted by on May 5, 2013 at 10:46 pm

As a fitness business owner - even if you’re just starting out and you’re a one-man operation – you’re essentially a manager. Look up the word manager in the dictionary and you’ll find a definition something like this: somebody who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within it.

Enter Fitness Business Time Management

If you’ve ever worked outside of the fitness industry, say in an office or retail, managers spend a lot of time in meetings discussing ways of improving business, and time management is a major concern. The cost of labor is the largest expenditure for many companies and managing the time that staff spend doing certain tasks can mean the difference between profit and loss.

But how does that apply to your little fitness business?  Well let me put it like this, why are you doing tasks you shouldn’t be doing – and yes that may mean cleaning your studio – when you could hire someone else to do it for a measly few bucks an hour?

If the answer is “I can’t afford to hire someone” my response is you can’t afford NOT to hire someone! How is vacuuming your studio moving your business forward?  All that’s doing is wearing you out, prolonging the hours you work, and diluting the income you get from doing more lucrative things – the reason you started your own business!

This is where the 5% rule comes in.

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Should you consider starting a Fitness Boot Camp Business?

Posted by on November 11, 2012 at 10:11 pm

You’re good at what you do, let’s face it. You know a lot about the Fitness Business.

You regularly, if not daily, put in hours of extra work that adds to your own knowledge about nutrition for example, and you investigate the latest techniques for helping your clients achieve their own personal fitness or weight loss goals.

Not to mention maintaining your blog or website and dealing with offline and online marketing to boost your client base.  You don’t have a minute to spare.

In order to walk the walk, you also spend hours trying to stick to your own fitness goals. You’re a human billboard for what you do after all, and it’s vitally important to maintain that image.

Are you running your business, or is your PT business running you?

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If You’ve Ever Thought You Couldnt…

Posted by on February 27, 2010 at 12:59 am


It's about a High school kid named Dustin Carter who had both of his arms and legs amputated when he was ten.

Did that stop him from joining his high school wrestling team?

Not only did it not stop him, but be had so may wins that he went to the State Championship (and almost won the whole thing)

No Arms, No Legs... All HEART! Who says you CAN'T!

What you "can" and "Can't" do is 99.9% a matter of mindset.

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #5

Posted by on January 10, 2010 at 10:38 pm

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #5

Having a mentor can mean the difference between growing your fitness empire as fast a super-sonic jet fighter or as slow as an old propeller plane.


Think about this for a second...

How many goals did you hit last year?

How many clients did you sign up?

How many boot camp locations did you open?

How much progress did you make getting other trainers to work for you?

How much income did you generate?

How much MORE of all this would you have accomplished with the right coach?


Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #4

Posted by on January 9, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #4

If ya really think about it, every experience in life comes down to perspective.

For instance, if you go to the movies in the daytime, when you get out it seems really bright outside.

But it's no brighter than it was when you went in, it's just that your eyes became adjusted to the dark movie theater.

So in perspective to the "dark", the "light" seems SO much brighter.

I'm sure you've jumped into a hot tub and it felt boiling hot... Until you got used to it, then it felt soooo warm and relaxing.

Why?  Perspective.

The same works with "fear"

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #3

Posted by on January 6, 2010 at 2:22 am

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #3picture-1

One of the biggest factors that made opening six, six-figure boot camp locations in just 7 months happen was...


So how do YOU experience heaping amounts of endless, contagious, client attracting energy day in and day out?

Simple, NEVER wake up because you have clients in the morning.

That's right, it's a terrible reason to get up.


Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #2

Posted by on January 3, 2010 at 11:08 am

Fitness Marketing Mindset Series #2
(The Biggest Mistake With Visualization)

When I showed you the biggest mistake with visualization at 7:59 into the video, did you discover that YOU  have made that mistake?

I know I sure have...

So what can you take away from this...

1. If you own a fitness studio or boot camp, spend at least 3 minutes a day when it is empty, visualizing that is is PACKED with RAVING CLIENTS, and there are hundreds more lined literally lined up around the building waiting to get in.

The Success C.O.D.E.

Posted by on December 22, 2009 at 1:27 am

picture-11I'm going to pass on to you my simple success C.O.D.E. that will cause you to get massive amounts of stuff done so that you can enjoy an amazing lifestyle.

I call it the Success C.O.D.E, and it will change your life.

C.O.D.E is an acronym for:

Here's how it works...

"C" Create total CLARITY in your life by knowing exactly what your dream is.

For example, instead of saying I want more money, say I want to earn $8333.33 a month so I can make $100K per year.

An important part of clarity is defining WHY you want what you want, so you can move forward with a meaningful purpose.


"O" Organize yourself by creating a specific system to follow every day for achieving your dream.

For example, I end each day by writing down my "to-do" list for the next day, so that I wake up ultra productive.