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Check out what fitness boot camp professionals are raving about Steve Hochman’s fitness boot camp marketing systems, products and out of the box strategies.

My business is thriving with 75-80 clients and going up!

I am in my bonus room right now drinking a cup of coffee, watching SportsCenter and waiting to take my wife to her LAST day of work in her corporate (cubicle) job!

She is now coming to work with me in the fitness business.

Needless to say she is very excited! If anyone has any doubts about coaching with you, they are crazy.

I will never forget you telling me on our first call to carry a picture of my wife with me when I was working and to use it to get me through the fearful and doubtful times. It worked!

Oh BTW, Things have blown UP since you were here!

Five new ones signed up this week and the newspaper ran a spread on bootcamp this morning and I have 10 new appointments for next Monday and one lady signed up online as a result of the articles.

Thanks Steve!

Monty Miller

Had My First $10k Month And Just Opened My Second Location

“Steve Hochman is one of the most innovative, out of the box fitness marketers that I know of.

Without Steve Hochman’s encouragement, “in-the-trenches” experience, innovation, kindness and awesome coaching program I know exactly where I would be – in limbo – working all-over-the-place hours, stuck in one-one for one hour HELL, living pay check to pay check and stuck in a job that was taking over my life instead of running a business that fits how I wanna live my life – BIG difference!

Thanks to Steve’s Coaching Program (Specific Results)

• I have a successful indoor boot camp still in its infancy run by other trainers that is making 4k a month right now and growing every month (do ya think a few grand is worth it to get that kinda return on investment?)
• Had my first 10k month last month!

• Accept credit cards only so I don’t have to spend my time playing bill collector. Seriously, this alone will increase your income by just does – it’s crazy!

• On pace to hit 6 figures for the first time in 13 years while TRAINING less (working harder than ever but it’s ON the biz and not IN it – BIG difference)

• Live in a bigger place and drive a nicer car – thanks Steve-O!

• From job with no future to a business with endless possibilities!

I can go on for hours but it’s pretty simple – Steve promised he would help and boy did he OVER-DELIVER. He is there for you to walk you by the hand into a brighter future.

I have emailed him countless times and he has answered every question I have ever asked him either by email or on the phone with more depth and patience I could ever ask for.

He is a fitness marketer / coach / mentor and friend and if you are on the fence about working with Steve, take that FEAR and bitch slap it.

In life we are 3 things at any given time…a teacher…a fellow traveler or a student…After working with Steve, I realized that I actually forgot how to be a student…I forgot how to ask for help and surround myself with teachers…

Hiring Steve as a coach was the BEST decision I ever made for my business – PLAIN and SIMPLE

Rethinking Weight Loss
Mitchell Lee

50 New Clients And $2200 In Two Days

Steve, I just wanted to that I feel so blessed to have you in my friend and my coach.

You’re always their when I need you and you make the “impossible” consistently happen for my boot camp business.

With your help my income has skyrocketed from $1600 a month to over $11,000.

And the best part is that I have more time to spend with my family now that I have other trainers working for me.

I counld never have accomplished this without your help.

Thanks Coach!
Rancho Santa Margarita Fit Body Boot Camp
Alisson Rosales

Steve Is One Of THE Best Coaches There Is. Period

The amount he over-delivers is astounding. He's there when you need him and he answers like it's his own company. He really wants you to grow and prosper in your company.

During his boot camp formula 5 program, just one of the strategies I learned improved my sign up perentage dramatically and had my evening boot camp classes so full that I'm basically having to find a new, bigger facility to run them. I'm on my way towards 75 boot camp clients and $150,000!

One of the best aspects about him and one that really means a lot to me is he always pumps you up and never makes you feel like you're pathetic or can't do it.

Thanks Steve for all your help! You are making a huge difference in my business.

The Makers Body Personal Training And Boot Camp
Tyron Piteau

My Income Has Tripled In 3 Months

The main benefit I received is on the mindset.

My goals are so much bigger now that I realize and believe what is possible.

The mindset formula alone is worth the price of the program.

I learned how to structure my business so things become more automated and I'm freed up to do what is more important like marketing and spending time with my family.

I learned how to bring passion to my biz so now I truly look forward to getting up at 5 AM to build my dream!

My income has tripled and I've been forced to expand and add class times all in only 3 months.

I am also commanding more respect as a fitness professional which feels great!

Billy Hofacker, BS, NSCA-CPT

Steve Taught Me The Most Insane Fitness Marketing Formulas

“Steve Hochman is one of the most innovative, out of the box fitness marketers that I know of.

If you want to spend a whole bunch of money on advertising and marketing then Steve is probably not the man for you, BUT if you want to start making some SERIOUS DOUGH on a shoe string budget then I don’t know of anyone that does it better than Steve.”

“Seven Figure” Sam Bakhtiar

Steve’s Marketing Systems Are So Powerful That
I Asked Him To Partner With Me On My Biggest Project

Knowing what I know today if I could go back twelve years and start my personal training business over I would do two things differently to leap frog

my competitors and get to massive success in half the time.

I would pick a niche and position myself to that niche.

I would hire Steve Hochman to coach and consult me at any cost.

I’ve personally seen Steve’s client getting prowess and it’s second to none.

One simple teleseminar I conducted for my coaching clients with Steve as the guest produced the following results:

One trainer got 36 new clients within 10 days with a simple system Steve shared.

Another trainer got 21 new clients with in seven days by using one of Steve’s human billboard two step email sequence.

In fact I’m so impressed with Steve’s ability to take any fitness business from stand still to a pace of six figures in 90 days or less that I asked him to partner with me on my BIGGEST project (Fit Body Boot Camp) – and I don’t just partner with anyone.

Bedros Keuilian

I Went From $52,003 To $207, 589 While Working The Same Hours

When I first started out I was following the “herd” and running my fitness business all wrong.

I remember being so frustrated because I could barley break $50k a year.

Then I met Steve and using just two of his simple marketing and business formulas, I went from making $52,000 per year to generating over $207,000 per year.

And now I have completely stopped training clients and just have other trainers working for me while I generate dozens of leads a week.

“Steve has always helped my from day 1, it’s because of you Steve that I am where I’m at today,

Thank You!”

Jon “Jungle” Jung


I’m On Pace For $146, 364 This Year... Boot Camp Formula 5 ROCKS!

I’ve learned so much from Steve. Boot Camp Formula 5 has completely exploded my training business.

His marketing formulas are quick, easy and low cost.

This month I hit $12,197 and the month isn’t even over yet.

I HIGHLY recommend Steve Hochman to any fitness professional who is sick and tires of struggling to make ends meet like I was.

Kardena “Raw” Pauza







In less than 10 days, I made just shy of $40,000

I just wanted to let you know how it’s been going since the last call with you about the “20 Human Billboards” marketing strategy.

I thought it was a great call. I have been training small groups but not like that. And I never would have thought to open up times and have people choose their time spots.

Well right after the call I looked at my schedule to see when and how I could do this. I sent an email out to all my newsletter subscribers explaining how this “20 People Special” works.

4 days later I had my Chiropractor (I’m in the back of a chiropractor’s office) send an email out to all of his clients (hundreds) stating I only had 6 spots left.

I got so many emails it took me 2 hours to respond. Long story short, I have filled the 20 spots I planned and it cost me Nothing! Yeah!!!

And in less than 10 days I made just shy of $40,000. I’m excited and everyone signing up is excited. It’s the best win-win I’ve ever done!!

Thanks for having that call,

Kelly Barkly

Went From $2600 To 10,000 A Month In Just 60 Days

When I first met Steve I was at the lowest point in my life. I was working at one of those chain gyms making only $2600. Steve sat me down and broke it down for me and asked me how much I wanted to make. I listened to everything he told me.

“I went from $2600 and in 60 days I was averaging $9,000 to 10000 a month... it was Magical”

I really appreciate Steve and everything he showed me in 2005 and now in 2009 I moved to long beach using all the methods he taught me and I established a huge client base.

I really believe in Steve and any product he has I highly recommend it.

“I really, really believe in this program, “Thanks Steve”

Jaiya Figueras






Increased My Yearly Income By $50k In Just 3 Days

Hey Steve, I acquired your services and hoped it would help me survive in this horrible economy.

The truth is I have owned gyms for the last 22 yrs, I would buy gyms that were going out of business and turn them around.

I thought I had all the answers and was the expert, boy was I wrong.

That “I have been there and done that” ego had me making the same amount every month, just enough to get by.

Now you have opened my eyes to a world of freedom, no more 15 hr days 6-7 days a week.

I took just one of your ideas and...

I know I have a lot of learning to do before I make a 7 figure income but I know it WILL happen with your help.

Thank you so much for helping me make my passion ab actual career.

Evolution Fitness
Dan Jett

110 NEW Clients In One Day

Through the help of Coach Steve I was promoted on and received 110 NEW clients in one day.

Then with the contract he uses to turn those new clients into 6 or 12 month members I converted over 50% of them to EFT contracts.

I needed the help and guidance--in fact I had never heard of livingsocial before Coach Steve told me about it.

I also us the gift cards with great success and thank Coach Steve for the idea AND the free template he provided.

Thanks to Steve I am now looking to open my second location and he has offered to help with lease negotiations!!!! Unbelievable.

Thanks Coach Steve for all your help.

Better Life Fitness
Randy Woody


300% Increase In 60 Days

If you run a boot camp business, you need to hire Steve Hochman.

There is no shortage of "experts" out there in the boot camp world with a great many tips and techniques for helping you supposedly skyrocket your boot camp business.

I've tried many of them in my 7 months as a boot camp business owner and nothing has come close to helping my business the way BCF5 did.

Steve is the undisputed king of boot camp mega growth. Period.

I was a skeptic once upon a time like I'm sure many are. Not anymore.

In just a little over a month, my boot camp business has exploded.

Steve gave me the tools, the step by step instructions, the coaching, and the motivation.

I did the work. And, well, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves (keep in mind that I started with Steve in August).

July Total Members: 15
September Total Members: 45 (300% increase)

July Boot Camps: 2
September Boot Camps: 4 (doubled)

July Total Monthly Recurring Revenue: $1300
Sept Total Monthly Recurring Revenue: $4500+ (300% increase)

July Pipeline Registered leads who have signed up to try a class or are attending trials: 10

September Pipeline Registered leads who have signed up to try a class or are attending trials: 235!!!

The numbers don't lie. Already I'm seeing tangible results in terms of net revenue.

But what's most compelling is the last number: 235. If you know you're a great trainer and you know you run a great boot camp (which I am and I do), then the only thing that matters is marketing and keeping that funnel/pipeline filled with qualified leads.

I'm not sure what the going rate is these to hire Steve as a coach, but I'm sure its stupidly inexpensive from a return-on-investment perspective.

I think I recouped my cost in the first week. I feel like I should be sending Steve money as a bonus.

Seriously. Do this. Now.

Captain Quinn's Boot Camp
Jon "Captain" Quinn


63 New Sign Ups...Not A Bad Start

I started my women's boot camp in August with literally 0 members...ouch.

After seeing your coaching program I thought, what do I have to lose??

While my training skills are strong my marketing and sales system are nonexistent until participating in your program.

2-weeks into the program I started to see incredible results!!

With one strategy I literally had 63 people sign-up in 1 day!

And with Steve's closing strategy I was able to close 7 our first workout.

Reading about Human Billboards is one thing, but getting personally coached by Steve got me a constant flow of people coming in without spending a dime;)

5-weeks after starting BCF5 I have 16 members on a 12-month membership, 13 trial members, several human billboards, and two incredible locations locked in!

Thanks again Steve for the BCF5!

Just For Her Boot Camps
Jason Zawodniak

From $3200 A Month To $13,000 At Age 21

I was working hard but doing so many things


I was stuck making about $3200 a month with no sign of ever hitting six figures.

To tell you the truth, at 21 years old, my family and friends thought $3200 a month was pretty cool.

But it was killing me inside because I knew I had so much more potential than that.

When I met Steve and started using his marketing and mindset formulas everything just clicked.

90 days later I had my first $13,000 month and I’m looking forward to hitting $15,000 next month.

Thanks Steve!
John Thompson

I Tripled My Income, On Pace For $140,000

Before I get on Steve’s program I was a bit skeptical.

My wife and I were pretty strapped for cash, and were trying to scrape every penny together for a down payment on a house.

Plus I though with as much awesome free stuff that Steve gives away on his blog I was wondering how different his private program can be.

Well, I found out pretty quick that Steve’s blog was just the tip of the iceberg.

He totally customized my business and we went from $4000 a month to $11,000.

Oh and the best part is my wife was able to finally quit her corporate job that she hated.

All have have to say is Steve, you are the man.

Thanks for everything,

Greg Carbone

Got 111 Boot Camp Clients With Just One Steve’s Formulas

I was already making six figures but I knew I was missing something to really take my business to where I wanted to be.

Steve jut made one or two minor tweaks and my business exploded... It was amazing.

If anyone is on the fence about joining Steve’s program, just do it.

I was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Thanks Steve, you rock!
John Kent




99 New Clients In just 6 weeks

I used one of Steve’s formulas to get 46 new clients in three weeks, and I converted about half of the 46 onto 6 month contracts.

Then a few weeks later I used the same formula again and this time I got 53 new clients and converted half of those to 6 month contracts as well.

So all said and done, I made a total of about $14,000 up front and $8000 in reoccurring six month contracts.

Steve’s formulas are the real deal.

Thanks Steve,

Dustin Maher
Wow Steve!

I used one of your “formulas” and I just sent out the email 2 days ago to my list using your strategy in part 1 of Boot Camp formula 5 and I already have 8 people signed up and I’m not even starting the camp for another 2 weeks!

Can’t wait to implement this strategy because it’s a goldmine!

Mike Bevard

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