Motivators Need Motivation Too

How often do you deal with a client who has lost all motivation? They’ve either told you flat-out, or you can tell by their lack of dedication, that they just don’t want to be in your boot camp anymore.

All the time, right? For someone who has lived an unhealthy lifestyle for decades, even for the majority of life, it can be extremely hard to make such difficult changes. And so, naturally, clients get discouraged.

Post 13And it’s understandable, right? Results don’t come as fast for some people as they do with others, eating plain chicken breast every single night gets old fast, and high intensity exercising is miserable for unhealthy people.

So what do you do? Well, I’m sure you have come up with all kinds of ways to keep people motivated.

So, what does this have to do with you and your FBBC location? Why are you reading all of this information you already know full-well? Because, believe it or not, there will be times when you, as a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, get discouraged.

And for all the same reasons, too. Maybe you feel like other locations are growing faster than yours. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of the management and financial responsibilities that come with being a business owner. Maybe you’re just ready for a vacation.

But whatever the reason may be, there will be times when you, as an owner, get discouraged. You get down: down on yourself, down on your businesses and your performance, down on your life.

So how do you get back up again? How do you get motivated and excited like you were when everything first started rolling with this new business?

Well, just like your clients who lack motivation, you need to inject yourself with a few shots of adrenaline and get back up on your path to incredible success.

First of all, as you may have heard yourself say to clients so many times before, you’ve got to remember why you’re here and why you started this venture in the first place.

You started a Fit Body Boot Camp because you knew the business model was the most powerful and most lucrative tool available to any self-employed fitness professional. You started your business because you were ready for something new, something that would put you ahead of the game, ahead of your competitors, and ahead of the market. You wanted more freedom, more money, more success, more clients. Fit Body Boot Camp was your ticket to becoming the professional you wanted to be.

twitterRegardless of where you currently are on that journey, Fit Body Boot Camp is still all of those things. It’s still your ticket out. But remembering those feelings, remembering that excitement and energy will get you back to the mindset that can keep you working, keep you moving, and keep you motivated to become the best.

Don’t forget that you posses all the tools you need, you have all the support you need, and you’ve got the winning system in your pocket. But you still need the drive and the motivation to make use of it.

But what about when you feel like your businesses isn’t as successful as you wish it was?

This is another circumstance you see all the time with your clients. They feel like they are doing everything you tell them but the weight just isn’t dropping off. Feeling the same way about your boot camp?

When you see how well others do, or you have a certain expectation in your mind, and that expectation or comparison gets disappointed, it is very easy to become discouraged.

But what do you think brought those other people their success? Hard work! But, what is the first thing that disappears when we are disappointed or discouraged? Our desire to work hard.

It’s a reciprocal system that gets worse and worse with each go around, but you’ve got to remind yourself, especially when you are discouraged, that hard work is what allows those others to succeed and it is the only thing that will bring you success.

Sure, everything moves at a different pace for each owner and each FBBC location, but there is one truth on which you can always rely: hard work gets results.

That is not to say that you aren’t working hard enough now. However, don’t forget that the only way to get to where you want to be is with hard work. So get it done.

Post 19Nothing in this post should sound all that surprising to you. You work in the businesses of encouraging people, you keep people working toward their goals all day. But sometimes, when we teach the same things all day long, we forget to apply them to our own lives. We forget than we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, that success is a direct result of hard work, that discouragement is normal and can be overcome. Everyone goes through periods of discouragement, whether they be trainer or client. It’s normal and it’s reversible.

So keep all those encouraging messages in mind. Remember, the next time you tell someone to push harder or try harder, that you can always use the same advice.

Learning to operate a successful businesses is a lot like a fitness journey. You’ve got to overcome bad habits, change your behavior, work hard, practice, and keep forcing yourself to improve even when it’s extremely difficult. Just keep applying those principles you use in Boot Camp on your Boot Camp and you’ll get where you’re trying to go.

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