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How To Close 97% Of Your New
PT Clients In 6 Words Or Less

I've spent years watching trainers go through long, painful sales presentations.  Those days are over.   In this video I show you how to close 97% of your new PT clients in 6 words are less.

Enjoy -

[flv.image= clients 6 words.jpg] clients 6 words.flv[/flv]

More On How To Make 100k In 6 Months Only Charging $15 to $35 Per Session

In this video, I get deep into the "bitty gritty" about how to make 6-figures in 6 months without spending a dime on marketing.

Enjoy -

[flv.image= billboard.jpg] billboard.flv[/flv]

Audio 1: Bedros Keuilian On Huge PT Profits

In this killer audio, Bedros reveals the "big secret" to how he went from living in a Toyota pickup to having multiple 6 and 7 figure fitness income streams.


Audio 2: Sam Bakhtiar on 7-Figure PT

In this audio, Sam holds nothing back as he tells all about his marketing strategies for pulling 7-figures.




(Surprise Gift #1) Human Billboard Agreement PT
Use this agreement to "lock-in" your Human Billboards as you grow your fitness empire.

(Bonus Gift #2) PT Agreement and Waiver
Use this auto debit PT contract to sign up your new clients long term.

(Bonus Gift #3) Getting On The First Page Of Google
This document "pulls back the curtain" on what the so called SEO experts over charge you to get your PT website on the first page of Google.