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Exposing The Truth About Bedros Keuilian Scam Rumors

Posted by on August 15, 2012 at 4:37 pm


Contact: Bedros Keuilian
Company: PTPower
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Email: support@keuilian.com
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Bedros Keuilian Speaks Out

 USA: Bedros Keuilian, owner of PT Power and creator of such products as the FitPro Newsletter and The Art of Selling Fitness, has spoken out about the unscrupulous rumors about him and his products that hit the internet a while back. Google searches for the term ‘Bedros Keuilian scam’ turn up some abusive and highly suspect posts from several people.

“I’m shocked and disappointed at having been the target of some unscrupulous scam accusations online,” Bedros said recently. “It’s telling that none of these people seem to be willing to provide their real names, preferring instead to hide behind a fake user name or identity.”

Unfortunately Bedros Keuilian is not the first entrepreneurial success story to have been on the receiving end of such scam rumors. Fortunately many of the scam stories have been responded to not by Bedros himself, but by many of his satisfied customers. Indeed one particularly abusive accusation was responded to by several clients who all testified to how much success they have achieved since investing in one of his programs.

“While the internet has made it easy for people to establish their own businesses, it has also made it easy for some people to abuse others behind a fake name,” Bedros explained. “Honest people can have their business and image damaged online by unscrupulous agenda driven people, and this is what happened to me – an honest person who has helped many others in the past. It’s a shame these people feel the need to try and ruin honest business people. However with that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients who stood up and responded to these people, without any prompting from me. I was very touched by that.” (more…)

Bedros Keuilian Scam Claims: Review Of His Business Building Products

Posted by on May 10, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Hi, I'm Anna Gallahan and I'm a personal trainer at North West Fitness Center.

A few months ago I was looking for better strategies and techniques for attracting and retaining more cash-paying clients for my personal training business. I needed to learn the fundamentals of operating my own business.

Training is my passion but my marketing techniques left something to be desired.  I was just flying by the seat of my pants.

bedros_keuilian_scam_reviewA good friend referred me to Bedros Keuilian’s products and I thought this would make a good review for others.  I found his website and  Sadly, in researching more about Bedros, I found a very small but incredibly hurtful attacks to not only his business products but also to his person. Once I found that those Bedros Keuilian scam claims where completely unfounded my mind was at easy so I purchased the PT Business course (aka The Art of Selling Fitness) and System 9.

I was blown away at how my business grew by implementing the sales strategies and revamping my pricing structure as Bedros recommended on the business course. My sales strategy before PT Business Course and System 9… I had no plan of attack with prospects and felt like I was a pushy car salesman and had no idea how to handle objections.

I now have a plan of attack with everyone I meet with and I don't have to worry about being pushy. Using the forms and manual provided made the whole process easy and painless.  PT Business course provides all the health history, client agreement, and ready to launch marketing files I will ever need. I now have proven and reliable sales tactics at my fingertips.

There are marketing campaigns, e-marketing and persuasive selling and closing systems at my fingertips. My phone is ringing off the hook and I now have a competition free, recession proof training studio. (more…)

The Difference Between Stupid Fitness Trainers And Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted by on February 8, 2009 at 8:41 pm



I just got off the phone with a fitness trainer that I KNOW will never make six-figures and MAY eventually have to get a second job...


Mind set, ego, pride, arrogance, he “knows it all”

So now that I’m revved up it’s time for me to get on my “soap box” for a little rant!

If you have been stuck with the same 6 to 10 clients for the last six months…News flash, what your doing AINT WORKING!

Get some help from people who consistently make 6 to 7 figures in your industry cuz chances are it’s not by ACCIDENT...

If you want to get to a certain income level in your fitness business then follow this 3-step-plan used by successful entrepreneurs.