10 Boot Camp Business Building Blocks

Hey - Steve here, and I'm about to take my wife Sy to see the movie "Eclipse"

She read all of the books in like 2 days which is pretty hard for a guy like me with off the charts A.D.D. to do without feeling like my heads gonna explode ha!

Anyways, I love vampire movies, I think they're badass.

I think it would be so cool to be a Vampire (I never said I didn't have issues 🙂

Btw... Do you watch "True Blood" on HBO?

I LOVE that show...

So I wanted to share these 10 boot camp business building blocks with you because so many trainers forget to do this stuff.

I practically beat these building blocks into my coaching clients.

1.  Systematize And Use Proven Systems - Don't just "teach" boot camp.  Make either use a model that already had proven systems in place like Fit Body Boot Camp, or create your own systems.

The important thing is, that you USE SYSTEMS for everything from taking sales, to running promotions, to following up on prospects.

2.  Tell People What You're gonna Do, Then DO IT! - 21 days ago when I decided I was gonna get my lean body back, I made it public on my blog and Facebook.

The support has been amazing and every time I feel like cheating, I just think about all the people who are watching my progress.

So make sure you have friends and mentors in your life that you can tell what you are going to do to help hold yourself accountable.

BTW - Here is a pic of my on day 21 out of 45
(See below)

3.  Get A Mentor - It doesn't matter if you're a fitness professional or a professional athlete, you will always reach your goals way faster with a mentor who has already done what you are trying to do.

4.  Know your goals - Don't be a "wondering generality", be a "meaningful specific"
It's really hard to get want you want outta life if you don't know exactly what you want.

5.  Know Your Dream - When the going gets tuff, knowing your dream will give you the strength and motivation to keep pushing...

6.  Use A White Board - A white board is one of the cheapest and most powerful tools for staying focused on your goals and knowing the status of your business.

7.  The 5% Rule - Make sure you focus 95% of your time on the 5% of the high impact activities that GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Outsource the rest.

Here's is an example... Getting your lead boxes in 20 business is in your 5%... Driving to each location several times a week to collect your leads is NOT in your 5% and should be delegated to someone else.

8. Hire An Assistant - Trust me. you will be able to grow your business so much faster if you hire an assistant to do everything that is not in your 5%.

9.  Think "Duplicate And Automate" - As you grow your business remember that you're not going to want to teach it forever... Like when your 60 years old.

So make sure your business lends itself to "duplication and automation"

10.  Get out of your comfort zone -
What ever you want in life, the door you have to walk through is the one market "DISCOMFORT"

It is impossible to greatly improve your status in life, and live your dreams without getting out of your comfort zone...

So suck it up, it wont kill ya.

Follow my 10 boot camp building blocks and you'll be amazed how powerful your boot camp becomes....

I'd love to hear your comments below.

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