10 Easy Ways To Position Yourself As A Fitness Authority Bad Ass Using My “Automatic Authority Method”

p16-1Whether you're a personal trainer or a a KICK ASS boot camp instructor, having "AUTHORITY" status will give you a HUGE advantage

And if you don't, then you may be missing out on a whole bunch of cool stuff like:

  • Charging higher rates
  • Getting TONS more referrals
  • Getting your ads up in restaurants
  • Respect from other Trainers
  • Easier sign ups
  • Longer client retention
  • Selling your own product for an additional income stream
  • Getting your clients to do what you say without question


And the best part...

It's WAY easy to position yourself as a FITNESS AUTHORITY - And it has nothing to do with certifications, experience or press releases.

In fact, it doesn't cost a DAMN DIME!

p16-3Here is my top 10 list to quickly becoming a fitness authority in the eyes of your clients and prospects.

(Keep in mind) All of these strategies
are designed so that your clients get
BETTER and FASTER results - And
you make TONS more cash-o-la and get
WAY more referrals...
Enjoy ~

1.  Name shit - Name EVERYTHING, exercises, recipes, attitudes, EVERYTHING....

When you say this is what I call my (Fill-in-the-blank), It makes you look like a Guru - Cuz only Gurus name shit.  Notice I call named this post my "Automatic Authority Method" ? - See what I mean.

2.  Make needless corrections - At my boot camps I always make slight corrections for no reason like - Turn your toes out ½ inch, Bring your elbow back 1 centimeter or lift your big toes up when you squat - Even if they are doing it perfect.

My clients automatically view me as an "AUTHORITY"  because the think I'm always passionately making corrections that they didn't know were necessary (meaning, I know something they don't) - They say to themselves "Wow, he really knows his stuff!" - And work even harder.


p16-53. Have a fitness formula - For my boot camps I call it, my Unstoppable Fitness Formula.

I always keep a little mystery behind why I choose certain exercises, and put them in a particular order.

For instance, I might tell my boot campers doing "This combo of exercises, in this order, makes your butt bootie-licious 10x's faster."

They REALLY believe it too!  And that's a good thing because it makes them work HARDER so their butt really does get bootie-licious 10x's faster.

p16-64. Write an ebook  - It's totally easy to write an ebook.  You can throw in a lot of filler to beef it up like:

- Title page
- Table of contents
- Lots of pics
- Diagrams
- Charts
- About the author

And if your really lazy, there are services out there that will gost write one for you, or rewrite someone elses.

Ebooks not only make great AUTHORITY postioners, but they make great lead generators.  Oh, and putting the title "Author" after your name looks pretty impressive.

p16-75. Do a recorded tele-seminar - Dude, It's so easy to do one.  Just go to www.freeconferencecall.com and set up a free account.  Then have one of your friends interview you (with questions YOU wrote). Act like there are other people on the line if you don't have any by saying...  "Hey everybody thanks for joining us on another tele-seminar..."

My point is, just DO a telesemnar, don't procrastinate.

Freeconferencecall.com lets you down load the call as an MP3, that you can use as a bonus for signing up with you - or just to look like an automatic authority!

6. Make up a title - Fancy letters after your name can look impressive.  And who the HELL says you can't make up your own shit.  After all, you are an authority.

But let's face it, there are tones of boot camp instructors and trainers out there with a 24 fitness mentality that MORE certs = better trainer.

Sorry to say it but, unless they started giving out certs for how to bring some FRIGGING ENERGY, motivate and inspire your clients, then I could care less how many certs you get.

Here are a couple of titles you can use (You have my permission)  CMT-Certified Master Trainer, F.N.S-Functional Nutritional Specialist, BCTS-Boot Camp Tactical Specialist, and my favorite, MBA-Masters Of Butts And Abs!

p16-87. Do a review blog - Walk into a local restaurant and tell the owner/manager you want to do a healthy food review.  (Make sure it's a video) talk about what your clients can order to eat healthy... Not only does this position you as an aurthority, but theres a good chance that they will let you put up your advertisments in their Joint.

Here is an example of someone who is doing it right. http://www.fitnessgurusam.com

8. Do a nutrition seminar - Video tape yourself giving a mini nutrition seminar.  Make it 20-30 minutes.  Even if  you have NO ONE in the audience, it will look like you do - and if your content is good, then you can give it to your clients to position yourself as an authority.

p16-99.  Do youtube videos - Video yourself cooking healthy foods, doing a grocery tour, revealing exercise secrets and other cool stuff.  Then each week send your clients an email with some teaser copy and a link to the video (Kinda like I do to my SteveHochman.com list)

The best part is, not only do you position yourself as a fitness authority bad ass, but your clients may forward your emails to their friends.  A lot of times when a new cleint comes into my boot camp, they tell me they have seen my videos. (Hint - Make them funny - NOT boring!)

10. TONS of testimonials - After all, RESULTS is what makes you a REAL authority.  I'm constantly sending the message to my boot camp clients that I AM AN AUTHORITY by showing them PROOF.

Just about every week I video one of my clients giving a kick ass testimonial, throw it up on youtube, then send my list an email with a link to it.


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