10 Ways To Get Your Clients To RAVE About You

I was chilling in my Jacuzzi in my backyard tonight just letting my mind wander.

And it hit me

I can teach marketing tactics to personal trainers and boot camp instructors all day but it wont do a damn bit of good if you can't get clients to truly love you... I didn't say like you... I said friggin LOVE you!

So I grabbed my cell phone (almost dropped it in the water) and recorded a memo of ten things fitness trainers can do to get clients to RAVE about you!

1. Give your clients needless corrections to position you as an authority. This makes clients feel like they are getting even more value from you. When you make these "needless" corrections, act like it is the most important thing in the world (but only an expert like you would understand it)


When clients are doing squats my favorite is to say, "Bring your left foot out 2 millimeters... Perfect!"

2. Energy! Crank it WAY up! So many fitness trainers are stale and boring... F#$k that... Each session is a performance... It's Showtime!

3. Greet your clients like a dog.

4. One of the strongest human emotions is the desire feel important.When you client walks in at like she's the friggin president of the United States!

5. Give off a huge client appreciation vibe. If it wasn't for them you would have a lame 9-5 job (YUCK)

6. Have a secret fitness formula.


7. Here's mine...

I knew Clients don't have the time or motivation to workout for an hour and then do 30 to 60 minutes cardio on their own.

So I came up with the 3-in-1 super workout.

We workout for an hour at a crazy-fast pace so they get their workout and cardio at the same time.

8. Raise your value by doing certain excersises that they can't do on there own.

Here's an example.

Have your client do a burnout set on the preacher curl... Next have them put down the bar and and grab a towel instead... Have them fight you all the way up and all the way down while you pull against the towel for 10-20 reps.

There arms will be swollen like they had an allergic reaction to a bee sting... And will NEVER be able to duplicate that pump or intensity on their own.


9. Make your clients think you were up all night planning their workout...

Here's a tip...

Have go-to-exercises so your clients never see you trying to think of what to do next. (Figure it out while they are doing your go-to-exercises... like tell them to do 25 pushups and then run a lap... Now you have time to think.

10. Profusely thank your clients after each workout... One of the top 3 human desires is to feel appreciated.

So pour it on after EVERY workout.

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