10 Ways To Know If You Walk the Walk?

wtThe advice you give to your boot camp members to get FITNESS RESULTS, is the same advice that YOU should be following to get BUSINESS RESULTS.

As a fitness professional you already know how to set goals, make a plan and achieve SUCCESS - You do it everyday with your boot camp members.

But I want to know...

Do YOU walk the walk, or just talk the talk....

Here's what I'm mean -

  1. When a boot camp member starts a new fitness program, you tell them that they may get very sore at first, because there body is not used to working out, but with a little consistency, they wont feel that intense soreness anymore.

    Do you "walk the walk" when you feel the "pain" of a new business or trying new strategies that take you outta your comfort zone?

  2. 56Sometimes clients feel faint, turn ghost white or even puke... And you tell them that it's totally normal... Don't worry about it.  That feeling will go away.

    Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to feeling really uncomfortable about trying new things in your business?

  3. When your boot camp members "beg for mercy" because it BURNS, you tell them to "suck it up" and give you another rep... C'mon DO IT! Do you  "walk the walk" and press on when it comes to feeling tired, burnt out, or having low energy - Do you force yourself to make one more phone call, get one more human billboard, or keep your energy up for one more group of clients?
  4. When your clients eat crappy foods, you tell them to empty their fridge and cupboards of all the junk, and  fill them with healthy foods. Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to surrounding yourself with positive people, and getting rid of all the "junk"?
  5. 5656When a new prospect says, "what if I just train one day a week?", you say, "One day is not enough, we need at least 2-4 days to get REAL results." Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to working on your marketing, systems and strategies enough days and hours in a week?
  6. If you're clients say "I can't afford to spend money on training", you say "cut out something else, buy one less Starbucks coffee a day, or eat out less - cut something else out to keep training, your health and feeling good are the most important." Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to spending money on growing your business, and finding things to cut out to make sure you keep doing the "most important" stuff?
  7. When you meet with a new prospect, you get  their weight, measurements, and goals - Then you write out an exact plan to get them to their goals. Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to measuring where you stand in your business (# of clients, income, goals), and then writing out an EXACT PLAN to reach your goals?
  8. When you meet a prospect who knows WAY less than you, you tell them that they should hire a trainer - It's the fastest way to achieve their goals. Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to seeking out and hiring a coach who knows more than you and can get you to YOUR goals in the shortest time possible?23232

  9. When a boot camp member, "I'm not seeing the results I want.", you call them out by drilling them on their diet (and discover it's horrible) and missing workouts. Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to not seeing the business results you want and calling yourself out on how much time you're REALLY working on your business - I'm not talking about training clients, I'm talking about marketing, systems and strategies.
  10. When a client says they're gonna "do it" on their own, you think to yourself... They can NEVER get the same results that they can get with you.

    Do you  "walk the walk" when it comes to surrounding Yourself with a success team... Or do you just try to do it on your own.

    Be sure to leave your "two cents" below... and If you liked this post, then you may also like Decide To Become A Legond

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