21 Ways To Show Your clients That You Care

I just had one of my coaching clients ask me what I did to set myself apart in my boot camps...picture-19

What was the "it" factor that took my fitness business to the next level?

So I sent an email blast out to all my old boot camp clients and put the question to them.

I have to admit, it put a big smile on my face to hear all the cool things they had to say

... And the little things I did that made such a BIG difference.

So I made a list of 21 things I've done to let clients know that I care

1. NEVER take your clients for granted... Being a Fitness Professional is the best business in the world... And I never forgot that.

2. Shower your clients with genuine appreciation. They are not a PASSIONATE about fitness as you, and have to overcome many obstacles to make it to their training appointment.  So pour on the appreciation. (But make sure it's real)

3. Keep your problems out of the gym... When your clients come to see you, it's all about them.

iwilltakecareofyouwhenyougrowold14. Text your clients after every workout... Tell them how great they did, how proud you are of them, and how much you look forward to seeing them next workout.

5. Give every single one of your clients a "pump up" call every Sunday night. Tell them why THIS week is gonna be the best ever and that you can't wait to see them!  Never miss that call)

6. Send your clients a Birthday card and a birthday call or text.  It only takes a few seconds.  There are even companies that hand write and mail them for you.

7. Call or text your clients when they don't show up... This is HUGE.

8. Give them random "appreciation" gifts.  I used to go to Costco and by 100 movie tickets at a bulk discount... When a client had a great workout, I would say, "you had a break through today.  I'm so proud of you.  Go to the movies on me... you earned it."

9. Notice the "little victories".  When your client pushes through a sticking point, or almost gives up but doesn't, give them praise.

10. Thank your clients after every workout... EVERY TIME... Really thank them...

11. Send a video email.  One of my coaching clients, Troy Blankenship, did an AWESOME guest post about how to go the extra mile care-logowith your clients. In this post he talked about sending an email with a link to a youtube video with you thanking them for coming in and signing up... It's such a cool thing to do...  Talk about first impressions!

12. When your clients say they have something coming up like a big meeting they are stressed about or a vacation, take notes and when you're done training, put it on your calendar...  When you call or text your client the day of the BIG MEETING and say, "Hey Jane, your gonna kick butt at your meeting today :)" It REALLY let's them know you CARE.

13. Have a BBQ... A great place is at your house or the beach... Get a volleyball, basketball or softball game going... When you hang out with your clients outside of the gym, it really brings you close together.

14. Send unexpected gifts by mail.  Make a DVD... Maybe of you going through your kitchen and showing how to be "healthy" stocked and organized.  When you send an unexpected gift in the mail, you skyrocket in the care dept...

15. Stop by their work... Tell them you would really like to see where they work... You imagine it and want to see if it's close... Plus you want to see what they do.  Taking an interest in your clients work gives them the warm fuzzies (Plus, you'll probably pick up a few clients while you're there)

love216. Take some pictures of your clients working out.  Use a sharpie and write on the pic something like, "Jim is a total ANIMAL!"
Then mail it to them.  I'm telling ya, these thing are so easy but go so FAR.

17. Video your clients working out, when they walk away and they cant see, say something really cool into the camera like, "Jane is my favorite client because her ENERGY is hoof the hook"... Email them the video... Costs nothing but sets  you apart as the most caring trainer ever.

18. If your clients have kids, find out their birthday too, and send a little something in the mail.

19. Don't get lazy and lean or sit down when your training a client... That does not communicate the message of I care.

20. (I know you don't do this) I'm sure you've seen some trainers walk into the gym with their hair matted, sleepies in their eyes and their eyes barely open... Show you care by showing up PUMPED and READY to go!  It really means a lot an it's also the right thing to do.

21. RAISE YOUR ENERGY... Care enough to have high energy and put on a show EVERY workout NO MATTER WHAT.

What are the top things YOU do to show your clients that you care.

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