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picture-62Your friend Steve here and I have a very short, but POWERFUL post for ya.

It's about YOU making some big shit happen in your life.

Not just waking up in the morning to repeat the same day as the one before, but REALLY living the life of your dreams, on purpose, and on YOUR terms.

It's about NOT being an EFFECT, but being the friggin CAUSE.

It's about not just doing, but DOMINATING.

It's about looking in the mirror and seeing a badass business warrior who cannot be stopped.

A warrior who gets knocked down 9 times, smiles and gets up 10 times.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN start living your dream... RIGHT NOW.

You CAN dare to DREAM BIG... I mean BIIIIGGGGG...

Like if you can do ANYTHING, and could not fail... That big.

Like the kind of big that makes you look fear in the face, and say, "Where ya going bitch, let's party..."

I KNOW that YOU CAN do it...

So join this special-ed kid with A.D.D.who grabs life by the neck and says, "bring it on." and proclaim what YOU are going to do.... What DREAM are YOU going to make happen... NO MATTER WHAT?

When you put your dreams in print for the world to see, you put in to motion powerful attraction vibrations.

Here, I'll go first...  By November 19, 2010 we are going to have over 1000 licensed Fit Body Boot Camp locations world wide.  A more dominating boot camp business model will not exist... And we will help more fitness professionals build multiple six-figure income streams than anyone else on the planet.

Ok, YOUR turn.

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27 Comments "Insert Dream Here"

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