3 Ways To Rapidly Boost Your Boot Camp Memberships

picture-1I've been testing some boot camp marketing strategies in our "test kitchen", and I discovered a KILLER way to quickly boost your boot camp memberships.

And like 90% of my outta-the-box boot camp marketing tips, it's SIMPLE and doesn't cost a dame dimn!

So here it is...

I call it the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

And I'm gonna show ya 3 ways you can use it to get a whole bunch of new boot camp members.

But first, here's how it works.

The program - It's a 21 day boot camp, where the member can come unlimeted times.  This program can be run at the same time as your "regular" program.

In other words, you can mix the "21 day rapid fat loss" members with your current "regular" members.

You will also provide a 21 day accelerated results eating program.

The cost - $97 buck-a-roos

The up-sell - When the 21 day rapid fat loss client comes in on the first day you say this...

"Let's go a head and upgrade you to an additional 7 days for free, making it a "28" Day Rapid fat Loss program for the same price of $97.  But I would like you to sign up for my "regular" month-to-month (auto debit) program.

If after the 28 days, you want to stay on board, then do nothing and we'll start automatically debiting you at our regular price...

If for ANY reason you want to cancel, just let me know within the first 28 days and their will be no hard feelings

Fair enough?

(So you just took a $97 dollar prospect, and converted them to a regular paying client on auto-debit.)

...Ok, now here are three ways to get your 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss clients.

#1. Get your past clients back on board!

That's right.  Start with sending an email series to your past clients.

The first email should tell them to stay tuned for your SUPER SPECIAL deal.special_offer2

Then second email should "let the cat outta the bag" about your 21 day fat loss program, and how there are only 21 spots.

Explain the program and the cost, then tell them exactly what to do to "secure" their spot.

The third email let's them know there are only about 11 spots left so hurry.

The forth email let's them know there are only about 7 spots left so hurry.

The fifth email let's them know there are only about 3 spots left so hurry.

The sixth email let's them know there are only 1 spots left so hurry.

I also recommend that you face book the same message as the emails.

AND call all of your past clients and personally tell them about your new special program.

#2. Get 21 Day Fat Loss clients from craigslist.com!

Peeps on CL loooove a killer deal.

The 21 Day Fat Loss program is perfect cuz it's affordable and requires very little commitment.

So if you put a compelling subject line in your CL ad like "Tone up with 21 day rapid fat loss boot camp for $97" you should pull some pretty sweet numbers.

Remember, CL goes up and down so POST EVERY DAY in these categories (General, activities, lessons, beauty, groups and classes)'

#3.  Mine For Diamonds In Your Own Backyard!

If your following the Fit Body Boot Camp business model then you know the BEST place to run your boot camps are out of Cheer leading and gymnastic centers (also karate studios and dance studios).

Well at night, there are TONS of moms just sitting there waiting for their kids.

Here's the coolest way to get them signed up.

Tell them you are doing a 2 minute fitness questionnaire and would it be OK to ask them a couple of questions.Diamond with Clipping Path

(Tip) load your questionnaire with questions that will "expose" and "push" their hot buttons.

For example...

Are you the weight you want to be?

What is your biggest obsticle that stands in your way?

How much weight do you want to lose?

How would you feel if you lost that weight?

Do you have a pair of skinny jeans that do not fit anymore?

What part of your body are you the most frustrated with?

What is your #1 fitness goal?

What are you currently doing to make sure you reach your most important fitness goal?

Have you ever done a fitness boot camp?

Would you like to try our 21 day rapid fatloss boot camp for $97

When they come in for their first day of the rapid fat loss boot camp, use the up-sell method above to convert them to a regular auto-debit membership.

If you got a TON of VALUE from this post, then be sure to check out 31 Boot Camp Marketing Tips

Oh, and be sure to leave your comments... Cuz I read EVERY SINGLE one of them 🙂

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