The “Seeing Is Believing” Experiment

Seeing Is Believing... And What
You Believe YOU Can Achieve!

Doctors and scientists said it was impossible for a human to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.

Our bone structure was wrong.
We had inadequate lung power.
Our heart could not take the strain.

24 year old Roger Bannister wasn't listening to that crap.

What happened on May 6, 1954 at Oxford University was viewed as simply another  attempt, in a history of foolish attempts, to achieve the impossible dream.

Yet at the end of the race the stop-watches held a different view.

Roger did achieve what was thought to be impossible as he blazed across the finish line in a time of 3 minutes 59 seconds.

But that was not the most amazing part...

46 days later the record was broken again by a different runner.

And by the end of 1957, 16 more runners had achieved the "impossible"

Why did this happen?

Runners did not suddenly get "better" in those few short years.









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I'm pretty pumped because I know that going through this series and doing this little exercise in "seeing" has taken your mindset and what you will achieve to the next level...

Keep believing and keep dominating.

Your friend,

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