Personal Trainer Marketing With The, “Johnny King Leadbox Script”

I'm having a blast hanging out at the La Costa Resort and Spa with my fam and the Keuilian's family.

Ya know, just enjoying a a little time away from the HQ with the family.

Something kinda weird happened.

Apparently the spiritual healing and meditation dude, Deepak Chopra, has his big center here at the resort.

And coincidentally, as we were arriving, he was getting out of his BMW 7 Series Alpina.

For those who don't know, the Alpina is a suped up BMW that has more horse-power and stuff.

So being big car enthusiasts, Bedros and I said, "Hey Deepak, nice Alpina, how do you like the added power?"

And Deepak said, (insert Indian accent here) "My Alpina is very fast, it goes zero to sixty."

And then he walked away.

We looked at each other like, "Huh, all cars go zero to sixty right?"

Hmmmm... Maybe he is on such a "higher state" the what he said was too deep for Bedors and I to understand.


One of my coaching clients named the GREAT Johnny King has the script locked down for getting his leadboxes in local businesses.

And this is HUGE because his 50 lead boxes give him 200 to 400 leads per month.


So without further ado, here is Johnny King's leadbox script (in his own words)

Hey, my name's Johnny King and I hope you're doing AWESOME.

On my last coaching call with Steve, he asked me if I would share on his blog exactly what I say to Quickly and EASILY get 50 leadboxes in local businesses.

So here is my approach to placing my Boot Camp lead boxes in local businesses.

The "Leadbox Script"

I walk in and ask the receptionist, “Hi, I was wondering who I might speak with about referring a bunch of new customers to you guys?”

If they give me that, “What the hell do you mean?” look, I don’t even let them respond before I jump in and say …

As if I forgot, “Oh, you see, I own a fitness group training business for women and when I asked them where they get their hair, nails, tanning and massages, this was one of places they mentioned so I know we already have at least one or two common customers and I’d love to send you more of them.”

Of course, the purpose of saying this as Steve suggested, is that you acknowledge that you currently have shared clients and gives them something to think about if they were at all considering saying no and showing you the door.

Typically at that point, they’ll say either who I need to speak with and tell me when they’ll be back in or they’ll go get that particular person.

In either case, when that decision maker is in front of me, I’ll often repeat what I just previous said to the gate keeper while adding that I’m out supporting the growth of local businesses like theirs as I’m building my own.

Then they’ll ask, “Okay, what did you have in mind?” At which point I’ll say, …

“Well, I have this welcome packet that I offer to all my clients when they sign up for continuing boot camp classes and within this packet are fliers, business cards or discount offerings that if you wanted to participate, is a great way to spread the buzz about your business to a growing group of women that may or may not know about your location here.”

As Steve has coached me, this is a great way to coming in first with extending your hand, offering what you can do for them.

There has yet to be anyone that hasn’t been interested in participating in this.

So it’s at this point that I lead right into bringing up the lead boxes.

So I continue with saying …

“Well that’s one great way that I can help you grow your business but I had another idea that I personally, find even more valuable to business owners such as yourself.”

Then I ask, “Now, are you familiar with the fastest growing business in the world right now in this global recession,”

If they aren’t familiar with them, I quickly explain the daily deal concept as a win-win-win business model.

Once they get it or exclaim that they are familiar with companies such as Groupon or, I go on to say, “Well, then you can see that the HUGE value of these companies are in the size of their email list"

"I mean, whether you’re presently doing email marketing or not, it just makes sense to be continually gathering email addresses don’t you agree?”

If they say no, I slap them across the face.

No, I’m kidding.

When they agree, I go on to say, “Well, what I’ve been hugely successful right around town here, is placing what I call ‘lead boxes’ which are you know, those little boxes where you enter your name and information in order to win something, like in this case, a free month of training at my boot camp.”

They concur that they understand what I’m speaking of and I continue …

“I’ve already blanketed this entire area with 50 of these lead boxes, right from your target market, and am collecting all the leads out of all 50 of these boxes, on a weekly basis.

So what I’d be willing to offer you are three things.

The first is, I would be willing to send you if you agreed to place one of these boxes in your business here, I will email you all the leads I get from ALL 50 boxes each and every week to rapidly grow your list of emails.

And all the while, you’re leveraging me and my drive as an entrepreneur, in collecting the contact info of women all right around here in your target market, that you could market to and grow your business.”

“Beyond that, I also be willing to offer you free training at my boot camp so you can personally meet the women that are presently coming to my classes, but you can also get in amazing shape just in an hour a few days a week!”

“And lastly, I almost forgot to mention, any lead that specifically comes out of the box placed here in your business and who becomes an ongoing paying customer of mine, would be $50 cash to you.

So if you think about it, I’m basically renting the 6”x6” area on your counter that my lead box would occupy.”

So then I ask how that sounds to them and if they’re jazzed and want to participate, I go straight in to “up-selling” them on the whole Human Billboard concept for providing continued value to their hair stylists, nail technicians or massage therapists...

And WHAM-O, I achieve everything I wanted to while making them feel like I just gave them immense value with very little risk since everything could be viewed as just a 30 day trial.

So with multiple high fives on my way out the door, that’s how the Great Johnny King dominates with placing of his lead boxes.

Johnny King is a St. Louis fitness boot camp expert and a top personal trainers in St. Louis.

Be sure to leave Johnny a comment and let him know what you thought about the script he shared.

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