7 Figure Fitness Marketing for Dummies

With my coaching client...

So lets recap the "7 Figure Fitness Marketing For Dummies" that my coaching client Jon Jung uses to pull in over $83,333 per month in revenue.

Hey calls each and every one of his new clients and asks them how they like the program.

Hey asks how they feel about the results.

Hey asks if they have any cool friends who may like it too.

Hey tells them that they get half-off a month of training for each referral.

Hey tells them that he is really good at calling people and he knows they are busy, then asks if it would be cool is he calls their friends.

He calls their friends until they set up an appointment to come in.

Then he signs them up and repeats the process.

Here are a few other things he's doing right.

He's using yelp and other social sites to as a source of "social proof" that local residents are raving about his program.

Now-a-days more and more people want to see what others are saying before they take action.

Sending all your clients, friends and family to sites like yelp and Google Local Listings is a fast way to create massive "social proof" that you rock.

He uses daily discount websites like Groupon and LivngScocial to promote his business.

He has a highly optimized direct response website.

Hey has an attention getting headline.

Hey has tons of social proof on his website.

Instead of just having an option to "call" him or enter your name and email, he has an option to text him as well.

But mainly he just calls every new client and asks for referrals LOL.

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