8 Seven Figure Fitness Marketing Secrets

I hope you had an AMAZING weekend

I just got back from my best bud Bedros's 7 Figure Master Mind in Las Vegas.

I had a total blast and learned a TON of outta-the-box fitness marketing strategies.

But a ton of shenanigans go on at these events.

Just take a look at Leanne Ellington lol...

And in case you've never been to a fitness marketing mastermind, what happens is 15 of the top fitness professionals lock themselves in a room for two days and brainstorm on how to take our fitness businesses to the NEXT LEVEL!

(It cost $13k a piece just to be in this group)

And I thought it would be really cool to share with you 8 fitness marketing "take-a-ways" that I got.

These are some high level "ah-ha's"

So here are 8 fitness marketing tips from the 7-figure mastermind.

Enjoy -

picture-241. You can't get someone to buy your product by instilling a fear in them, but you can awaken one that they already have.

2. You can't motivate someone to take an action, without first stirring up their emotions.

3. People don't want to be SOLD but they all want to BUY.

4. If you want someone to do something, make them feel like it was their idea.  In other words, make someone think that the action that you want them to take was THEIR own conclusion.

picture-255. People believe in "secrets" - What's the "one thing" that you know that they don't, that would cause them to get what they want.

Deep down, people don't believe they can achieve the benefits that you describe.  They believe that YOU can, but not THEM.

7. Never make the prospect justify the cost.  In other words, break down why they are getting such tremendous value for the cost of your product - Don't assume they'll figure it out on their own.

8. People wont spend a nickle on "prevention" - But they will spend a fortune on the "cure"


And ya know what?

It feels so damn good to know stuff that 95% of the population does not.

That's what's so cool about surrounding yourself with the "best of the best"

And you get a huge unfair advantage over your competitors.

It makes ya feel like the king of the jungle.

And speaking of having an unfair advantage, Fit Body boot camp is closing tommorow at 12:00pm PST sharp.

So this may be your last chance to secure a Fit Body Boot Camp territory in your home city.

Have an AMAZING day and keep making "it" happen.

Talk to ya soon fitness dominator.


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