9 Reasons to Open a Personal Training Studio

What are your reasons for wanting to open your own fitness studio?  The first answer will probably be to make more money, but if you know the ins and outs of leasing a property, paying staff, taxes, insurance etc., you may be wondering if you could actually make more money. Would it be worth the effort?

The second reason may be so you could do what you want to do - maybe by appealing to a specific market that you enjoy working with. Well, here are nine very good reasons why you should open your own fitness center. The two reasons mentioned above are in there too of course.

You Can Get Other People to do the Work

There’s an old saying – people are too busy working to make any money.  Employing a dozen staff, each making you, say, $10 clear profit every hour they work beats the hell out of trying to make $120 an hour all on your own.  If you set up your personal training studio right, that’s exactly what you could be doing – even while you’re relaxing with your family on a tropical beach!

But does the thought of dealing with a dozen staff give you a massive headache? Then look at starting your own fitness boot camps! One-on-one training is ridiculously inefficient. You can set up boot camps, have trained members of staff run them for you, and add group training sessions – all with just a few staff – and still reap big financial rewards

You’re the Boss

By offering large group sessions and boot camps you won’t be a slave to your business. You won’t have to supervise everything that goes on either. With someone else running them you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your home, or from a smart phone anywhere in the world.

Work the Hours you Want

If you want to get involved you can – training only the people you choose to train – and charging them accordingly.  No more getting up at dawn and watching the sun go down in someone else’s studio. Do what you want – and reap the rewards!

You Run Your Business

One of the biggest problems with running your own business is that you can end up with that business running you.  That’s not the reason why you wanted to start your own fitness studio is it?  If you run indoor boot camps, you’ll only need a fraction of the expensive equipment needed to stock a 24 hour gym. Make each square foot of your personal training studio works for you by offering many boot camp sessions each day.  Have someone else run them for you and you’ll be in no danger of being overwhelmed by your business.

Use Proven Systems

Time and time again I meet fitness professionals who are trying to reinvent the wheel. They struggle along from day to day, their business an increasing burden.  It doesn’t have to be that way! When I started my first fitness studio I resolved to find out how and why certain fitness professionals were able to make massive incomes without ever having to suffer the daily grind.

The secret is using a system that is proven to work - a system that’s a combination of all the accumulated knowledge of those wealthy fitness professionals. It’s all set out in Fitness Sales System Formula. You only have to read all the positive reviews from professionals exactly like you to see it really does work!

I’m Sick – I Can’t Work!

I don’t know what makes you sicker – a cold, or the fact that you’re not going to earn a bean while you’re laid up.  A week off can mean financial disaster for many folks, but there’s no need to live on that knife edge.  If you use my ideas right from the start, you won’t have to worry. Your staff will be working efficiently while you’re laid up and making money for you every hour the sign says Open. Want to take your family away for a long vacation?  The same applies – and these days all you’ll need is a smart phone to keep your finger on your business’s pulse.

But we’re in a Recession

Starting a fitness studio in a recession is actually a very wise move.  Let’s face it, there’s no end of people who are overweight and out of shape. Now’s the time to start a fitness studio, give people what they want, and over deliver on everything you do. By the time we’re out of the recession (and we’re slowly getting there) you’ll have a flourishing businesses, loads of referrals and you’ll have built solid brand awareness.

Then what? Time to open another fitness center that’s what! According to Forbes, fitness is one of the top ten – and most rapidly growing – market segments.

Earn More Money

Yep, finally we get back to most people’s first answer, but by reading the five points above (and the one below) you can now get to grips with HOW to make more money. You can’t do it alone, you have to leverage other people’s time and set systems in place that will make you money even while you’re asleep.

Fitness Sales System Formula explains exactly the systems and steps you can put in place to make the kind of income you’ve only dreamed about, and did you know you can make six-figure profits by running your own fitness boot camps in only 60 days? Now there’s some motivation for opening a personal training studio! Combine those two systems and you’ll have the formula for massive success.

Sell Studios

If you had the money right now, how would you go about opening your own personal training studio? You’d buy a franchise or an existing successful business right?  Makes sense.  There are lots of people who actually do have the money, and are actively looking for profitable and established turnkey fitness businesses.  All you have to do is set them up and sell them!

Who wouldn’t say no to a six or seven-figure check?  With that capital you rinse and repeat as many times as you like, and as the economy improves you’ll never have to worry about money again.

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