A Closer Look Into Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise

What makes the Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Model Unique?

The answer to the million dollar question above are the four S.

These four simple words are the pilars responsible for the rapid growth of the Fit Body Boot Camp fitness franchise locations.

Support, Systems, Sales and Services.

Let's dissect it further...


Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise

One of the main things that a franchisee is looking from the franchisor is a great support system. Without one it is pretty much like you are running your fitness business alone which in turn defeats one of the main reasons why you looked into a franchise to begin with.

Think of most of the franchise model like Curves, that came and went for a second. They had a good business but grew too quick and left all their owners to fend for themselves without proper support.

By "support" I mean;

* Create and perfect done-for-you marketing systems

* Create a high converting web-site

* Optimize that web-site for te top 20 keywords

* Create traffic by being media present

* In house, easily accesible business coach that not only teaches you the process but helps you implement them.

The model used to be, "here, follow this steps and good luck" but FBBC turned the corner and gives you all the help you need to make sure that the systems are implemented correctly because you you know, the devil is in the details.



Often turned into and acronym (Save Yourself Time Effort and Money) without the proper systems you are destined to ba another frustrated fitness business owner. This might be the hardest part if you are trying to start a business by yourself. Imagine trying to come up with  phone scripts, sales presentations, client tracking,  financial tracking, just to name a few.

When you "wing" these, you will not be consistant, will to be able to measure your date.

Plus, it would be a lot easier for you to just use systems that have been used and perfected for hundreds of owners through the years.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel!


Sales Funnel (Marketing then Sales)fit body boot camp franchise funnel

Marketing are the lead generation strategies that you apply to drive leads also called prospects into your business. FBBC will give you over 30 different ways to make it happen. Some of these strategies are completely done for you like facebook ads, google ads, google places, etc. Obviously you wont' have all of them going at once but when you test a few and find out which ones work best for you they become a sure way to get potential clients.

Once the potential clients are in, the next step is to sell them and they become a client. At Fit Body Boot Camp we don't believe in the "sales". That's a word that turns off all parties involved. We believe that specially in the fitness industry "assistant buyer" is a better term for the event. Overall you will not have a business if you just sit and wait for your phone to ring. We developed various sales systems that have been tested and perfected to every little detail for the past 10 years and let me tell you. IT WORKS! You can see for yourself by visiting Close Clients Fitness Sales System.



Once you implement the 3 fist S's successfully the next one becomes very critical because it will save you from having on of the most painful headaches you can have. Just when you thought things were going well because there are a lot of prospects coming in and a lot of them are actually becoming clients you realized that most of them are leaving shortly after.

That's where the 4th S coming in. Nowadays there are lots of places fitness seeking clients can turn to in their quest for heath and fitness. At FBBC we teach you just how to effectively retain this clients so your business can grow, prosper and stand the test of time.

We pride ourselves in delivering results, recognition, happiness and an overal unique experience that our clients can only find at our locations.


To give you more insight on the items discussed above, enter Fit Body Boot Camp Founder Bedros Keuilian.
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Learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp and see if a franchise opportunity is right for you.

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