A Killer Thanksgiving/Holiday Season Client-Grabber


Hey - Steve here just back from Orlaaaaaando Florida.

We (Me, Bedros, McCombs, Ballantyne, and Delmonte) just completed teaching our first 100k Group Mastermind.

That's where we take 34 fitness professionals, and lead them stet-by-step to building their very own hundred thousand dollar a year information product.

We had SUCH A BLAST... The ENERGY in this group was AMAZING!

Can you imagine... in the next 12 months, 34 fitness professionals will will make an ADDITIONAL $100k income stream by helping thousands of others with their info products.

For example, "mean" Jannine Murray who is a top personal trainer in Victoria BC will have an info product coming out that is going help women all over the world have the perfect bootie...

And I feel like by helping Jannine, to help make better booties world wide, I'm actually helping create WORLD PEACE.

...What? I do! LOL

One of the coolest parts for me, was to watch my little brother David Tendrich gave a smash hit presentation on how to write money sucking sales copy.

picture-171But ya want to hear something funny/cute...

David and his girlfriend Lou Lou, crashed in my hotel room Friday night.

And ya know how it's usually the guy who spoons the girl...

Well, when I woke up, I looked over and Lou Lou was sleeping behind my bro, holding him, with her arm and leg draped over him.

He looked so sweet in Lou Lou's arms...

Like a little baby gazelle being help by a lion.

And I had a little moment LOL...

But here's what I want you to check out...

My brother just did a KILLER fitness marketing guest post on how to do a super genius Thanksgiving promo

So now without further ado -

Take it away David!!

Hey, it's David -

...And I've got a killer Thanksgiving/ holiday season promotion for you that automatically lends itself to continuity. What I mean by that is after your clients go through this promotion, it naturally leads into them attending your regular boot camp/ training sessions and paying your monthly rate.

Here's what I mean...picture-16

Monday November 30 is the Monday after Thanksgiving. It's a time when people are anxious to shed the extra pounds they packed on after stuffing their faces with their family and friends.

But wait, there's more!

That's because right around the corner from that is another eating frenzy called Christmas! And then there's another one called New Year's! Basically, from Thanksgiving until New Year's people are battling serious weight gain.

So here's the promotion:

Starting Monday November 30 you begin a "Burn Those Holiday Pounds!" campaign. It's a 36 day program that goes all the way from November 30 until January 4. That way it covers Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and gets people on track for a few days after the New Year begins. For this 36 day program you're gonna want to charge around $149.

But here's the kicker...

Because you're going into the new year, you can get people on the whole "making resolutions" thing. Towards the end of the 36 days, have people write down resolutions, or just talk about their resolutions with them. Then ask them what they're going to do about their fitness goals.

Regardless of what they say, tell them you have a great idea for them - joining your training/ boot camp!

If you're not sure of what to say you can say something like this:

"Hey, we've got a great program here that is sure to help you accomplish every one of your resolutions. It's really similar to what you've been doing these 36 days, too, only it's year round so for the entire year you're going to look great and be in great shape. The program costs just $xxx a month and that's for X training sessions every week of every month. If you're interested then come talk to me after today's boot camp/ training."

So let's do the math for a second...

Say you got 20 people to join your 36-day program for $149.

That's $2980 you make right off the bat.

Now say 10 of those people stay with you after the program ends.

If you charge $199 a month, then you just pulled in an extra $1990 a month.

And that's if you get just 20 people. The great thing about having your own business is you can bring in as many clients as you can get. Set a goal for how many you want ,and go out and do it!

How to advertise...

picture-181Here are the 2 ways I'd go about getting the word out for this:

1. Make a series of Craigslist ads and start posting this week, all the way through the end of next week...

2. Go out and talk to people the week of Thanksgiving (the malls will be PACKED)

Using some of the sales scripts my brother has talked about in some of his other posts will work like a charm.

Can't wait to hear how it works for you.


p.s. I'll be discussing this idea and others that you have in the comments with you.

Be sure to visit David's blog to learn more of his killer cash-pulling sales copy writing strategies

And to get David's input,  be sure to leave a comment or any questions ya have below so he can answer all of them.

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