a LOVE department!? An interview…

So Fit Body Boot Camp has a love department! To explain to you how it works, I interviewed Julianna, the youngest member of the Fit Body Boot Camp Team.

FERNANDO: You're in charge of the Fit Body Boot Camp Love Project department. What is that?

how to start a fitness boot camp business heartJULIANNA: At HQ, we love to show love, which is why we started the LOVE Project. This is our way of showing appreciation to our Fit Body Boot Camp owners. Although we enjoy showing people how to start a fitness boot camp business and how to market it, we also enjoy showing our owners how important they are to our organization. It's really part of the core values we run our business by. So every other month, everyone at HQ puts together their ideas of what we think Fit Body owners would enjoy and could really use. Once we decide, we all put time and effort into making each and every package special for all of our owners. It really is a team effort and we can truly say that everyone at HQ takes a part of it (which is something we pride ourselves on). There is nothing like receiving an unexpected gift at your doorstep.

FERNANDO: What other roles do you have in Fit Body Boot Camp?

JULIANNA: Well, my day consists of a little bit of everything. I do the LOVE project, Groupon support and Groupon owner support, everyday support, basic billing needs, the Fit Body Boot Camp Owners Newsletter, event promotions, and of course everyone’s favorite… the daily Starbucks run. (Fun story… When I first started at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ, I couldn’t understand why Bedros insisted on Starbucks coffee versus Folgers coffee or something else made available to us in the office. So one day I suggested the idea of having in-house coffee. Bedros’ response “…it’s all about having the Starbucks experience baby girl”. A few more months go by, and now playing a role in the Fit Body Boot Camp support and day-to-day interactions, I GET IT! Our owners could go to a cookie cutter franchise, and we could use Folgers (nothing against them), but like Starbucks’, we want to give our owners the “FBBC” experience they love!)

FERNANDO: What is your favorite Fit Body Boot Camp owner success story?

JULIANNA: You know… I don’t really have one in particular, because each and every owner’s success story touches me in a different way. However it’s breath taking when I take a step back and look at the accomplishments the Fit Body owners have done. So many people have expressed their hardships when trying to start a fitness boot camp business on their own and even entertained the idea of giving up in the industry. Yet, when they joined Fit Body Boot Camp they completely have turned their business and mindset around – that is the best feeling – to know you are part of a business and vision that helps people live their dream day to day!

FERNANDO: You're in charge of the Groupon promotion support line. What does that mean? And how does it benefit Fit Body Boot Camp owner?

JULIANNA: This is by far the most important and biggest project Fit Body Boot Camp support has! It is basically thousands of leads. Groupon will launch a special 3 how to start a fitness boot camp business collaborationdaylong promotion on our behalf in a region (we have a special relationship with Groupon in that way). These promotions go to hundreds of thousands of people, in which over 4,000 people will buy. No doubt, they all have questions though. So that’s what I do… I field all of the emails and phone calls so our Fit Body Boot Camp owners don't have to. This allows our Fit Body Boot Camp owners to focus on training and converting these leads into full paying clients. The weeks following up to the promotion launch date, we hold webinars instructing the owners on how to give them the best training, conversion and sales techniques. It’s a really great way to relive the stress of starting a fitness boot camp business and helps put the owners where they're happiest which is working with their clients.

FERNANDO: What's your favorite thing about working at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ?

JULIANNA: My favorite thing about working at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ is the teamwork. At HQ we are all family… We get on each other nerves, joke and play around, love each other and even eat meals together around the table (we call it “eating with the family”).
I'd say my most favorite is when we are all together or when a department is working on a project, launch or idea.
It’s an indescribable experience to sit back and watch how amazing our chemistry; energy and eagerness are. It makes me a proud team member to know, that we all put in late hours, possess a humbling attitude to learning new processes, and help each other out without even asking – which is what makes Fit Body Boot Camp as a brand as a company the fastest growing fitness boot camp business.


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