A Very Important Fitness Marketing Question

picture-221Hey Steve here with a very special guest post from my Aussie bud Adam Toohey Oye! Oye! Oye!

Adam owns a Fit Body Boot Camp in Toronto and is a NLP voodoo master.

And in case you're wondering what NLP is, it's a system for using language patterns to "control" people's minds.

Pretty cool stuff.

But don't worry, I personally know that Adam only uses his "powers" for the good of mankind.

So, being a total giver, Adam decided to do a fitness marketing guess post on NLP and fitness marketing.

So without further ado...

Heeeeeeere's Adam!

Adam here, and I have a REALLY Important Question for you...

The Power of Questions is a topic that is frequently discussed in the areas of NLP, NAC and many other areas of discipline/therapy. As a Bootcamp instructor you are always asking your clients questions before they dive into your program...

These might include...picture-25

-        What is your past Bootcamp/gym experience?

-        Do you have any prior injuries or medical conditions?

-        What specific goals do you have?

-        What else do you want to achieve with Fit Body Bootcamp?

-        Who referred you to this Bootcamp?

You get the idea...

We ask them these questions in order to get a little more of an understanding of their world and what we might expect from them within the confines of our camp.

But I have a question for you... (And it's not the REALLY Important one... yet)

Are your questions REALLY helping you to totally understand your clients' world?

Let's be honest... the PARQs and Consultation Forms that most BIG GYMS give to their clients SUCK!


Most of them provide nothing more than a brief background of your potential/new client and really never get to the core of who they are and what they value.

Now hear this... The quality of your questioning IS the quality of your communication. The quality of your questions will determine how soon you form an inseparable bond between yourself and your client.

And when you understand what's REALLY going on with your client they will stay with you FOREVER and you will be drowning in referrals. (A good problem to have)

We are questioning all the time. We question what to wear, what to eat, what to do/focus on in any given situation, what actions we will take today to drive our boot camps forward, who we are going to spend time with, which blogs we will follow, is Steve a total nut job? ...

And it is our questions that determine what we focus on and then how we feel about it


You want to improve the quality of your life? Ask a better quality of question...

Example - "Why can't I get more Bootcamp clients"?  (Answer - because you're a lazy ass)

You're brain will provide you with the answer you have asked it for... it just does its job. It is up to you to provide it with a question of higher quality in order to get a better answer.

Example - "How can I get more Bootcamp clients Now?"

And say it with conviction and know that as soon as you come up with the answer you are going to take action and follow through with what your brain has provided you.

You will be AMAZED at what you are able to find out about the person sitting in front of you if you ask them the right questions. Like I said before, if you do this right and you will create a bond so strong that they will LOVE you and unless you totally stuff it up, they will devote themselves to you for life.

So how do you get good at this? You practice and you start asking better questions about yourself and in your own life.

What questions could you ask?

Here are some examples...

- What is life about?picture-27

- What is a relationship about?

- What has to happen for you to feel healthy?

- How much is a long time for you?

- What has to happen for you to get the results you desire?

- How can I serve you better?

- What has to happen in order for you to feel successful?

- How will you know when you are successful?

- How will you know when you are healthy?

I guarantee you if you ask these types of questions, it will open the flood gates to yours and your clients' model of the world (an NLP term) and will help you to understand what influences them. In order to lead and influence them you need to understand what already influences THEM... and not attempt to influence them with how you are influenced.

We help clients set goals and as Fitness Pros and Boot camp owners we also set goals for ourselves. More often than not though we never truly define what has to happen for us to meet that goal, or how will we know when we have met that goal. How will it make us feel?

So now it's your turn...

I'd like you to answer these four questions

What has to happen for your Bootcamp Business to be successful?

How will you know when your Bootcamp Biz is successful?

What will your Bootcamp Business look like when it is successful?

How will you feel when you have achieved this?

AND... If you already have a Bootcamp Biz that is successful and don't feel the need to answer these questions... answer this one

What can you do NOW to make your Bootcamp Business even more successful than it already is and how will it benefit you and your clients?

Adam Toohey is a Certified NLP Practitioner and is owner/operator of Toronto Fit Body Bootcamp. (Plus he's one hell-of-a nice guy)

Be sure to leave any comments or questions for Adam Below

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