Advanced Personal Trainer Marketing: Launch Your First Info Product in Less Than 2 Weeks

One of the very best personal trainer marketing tools in the world is your own fitness info product. With it, you can build your email list, build up a customer following for future products, set yourself up as a subject matter expert, bring attention to your skills and your business and earn some impressive cash. How many tools can you do all of that with? That’s why fitness info products are one of the hottest fitness business trends of 2014.

A lot of people who have great ideas for topics or really useful knowledge about one favorite topic are still held back from launching their first fitness information product because they think it takes months to do. But I can tell you that you can very easily create and launch your first fitness info product in less than two weeks.

How do I know this?

Shawna Kaminski, owner of Calgary NW FBBC did it on a dare from Craig Ballantyne. He challenged her to launch a new jump rope program info product in twelve days and she not only did it, she exceeded the sales goal by 50% and made $8,000 in one week.

What’s really important to note here is that she didn’t have this kind of success after brainstorming for a few months, then creating for a few months and then spending another few months getting everything set up.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.34.24 PMShe just did it.

It all goes back to what Bedros calls “imperfect action.” Let it be less than perfect, just act. Just get it done. You cannot make money on anything until it’s done. That project sitting on the back burner until you get it perfect? It’s making you no money at all. All of those fitness info products that are out there making money? Almost none of them are perfect.

So here’s how you can get your first info product into customers’ hands within two weeks, just like Shawna did.

Decide on an idea or topic.

You probably already have a few ideas in your head about what you’d like to cover. Even if you don’t, you can spend a few hours on Google finding out what people are looking for. The time of year has a huge effect on that. Fat loss programs and diets are hot anytime, but especially in January, when people have set their New Year’s resolutions and feeling that holiday weight gain. Summer is a great time for outdoor workouts and spring is a great time to launch a bikini transformation program.

Along with deciding your topic, you need to decide on the delivery method. Will it be a downloadable e-book? A video workout program? A “course” you sell by subscription?

E-books are simplest, but choose the medium that works best for your topic or change your topic to utilize the medium that’s most available to you.

Create a plan.

This is the easiest part of the process, believe it or not. You have the knowledge and skills; you just need to express them in print or video form. Map out your main product – what it will include, all of the subtopics or chapters and so on. Then come up with some ideas for upsell products. Maybe add a nutrition plan and a recipe book to your bikini program or a muscle-building workout to your fat loss program or a special 4-week diet for your abs program. You get the idea. Upsells add money to your bottom line and also add value to the main product.

You also need to decide what you’ll charge for the program and the upsell products and whether you’ll add some freebies to go along with them. A ten-minute travel workout, 20 great dessert recipes, and so on. Keep your prices low and the value high. You’re not just making money on the front end. Remember, this is part of your personal trainer marketing plan; you’re building a customer base for both your business and for the next 20 products you create.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.42.03 PMTake imperfect action. In other words, get it done.

Shawna’s product was a jump rope workout, which she delivered via videos. She didn’t wait until she had time and money for a film crew, professional lighting, a soundman or anything else. She used her own handheld camera and did the video instruction herself while a relative filmed her. Yet, she made great money and got an email list of 1500 buyers for her successive products.

Don’t get it perfect, get it done. Tweak later, after you’ve gotten some feedback from your customers and have money to reinvest in better videos or nicer graphics or what have you.

Save your money. In other words, get it done cheap.

If it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. A website will cost you $500 or less, including being set up for opt in emails and payments. You can get book and DVD covers made on for next to nothing or even do them yourself using creative common images (just make sure they’re okay for commercial use).

Just get it done and get it out there. The only thing that has to be the highest quality is your content.

Recruit some affiliates.

Write your sales copy before you even create your content and then once you’ve added links to the opt-in or sales page (or Clickbank, etc.), distribute it to everybody you know who is in fitness or in a related industry, one where your potential customers do business. Ask them to promote your product to their email lists and Facebook friends and do the same for them. If they don’t have an info product, promote their business. You’d be amazed at how many people you can reach by putting yourself out there to your friends and peers.

Not only will you be selling to people far outside your email list or gym, you’ll also be doing some killer personal trainer marketing for yourself, setting yourself up as an authority or specialist.

This is not a plan for getting the perfect info product out there. This is a plan for getting you out there and getting some money into your bank account. Work on perfect later.

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