Bedros Keuilian Scam Claims: Review Of His Business Building Products

Hi, I'm Anna Gallahan and I'm a personal trainer at North West Fitness Center.

A few months ago I was looking for better strategies and techniques for attracting and retaining more cash-paying clients for my personal training business. I needed to learn the fundamentals of operating my own business.

Training is my passion but my marketing techniques left something to be desired.  I was just flying by the seat of my pants.

bedros_keuilian_scam_reviewA good friend referred me to Bedros Keuilian’s products and I thought this would make a good review for others.  I found his website and  Sadly, in researching more about Bedros, I found a very small but incredibly hurtful attacks to not only his business products but also to his person. Once I found that those Bedros Keuilian scam claims where completely unfounded my mind was at easy so I purchased the PT Business course (aka The Art of Selling Fitness) and System 9.

I was blown away at how my business grew by implementing the sales strategies and revamping my pricing structure as Bedros recommended on the business course. My sales strategy before PT Business Course and System 9… I had no plan of attack with prospects and felt like I was a pushy car salesman and had no idea how to handle objections.

I now have a plan of attack with everyone I meet with and I don't have to worry about being pushy. Using the forms and manual provided made the whole process easy and painless.  PT Business course provides all the health history, client agreement, and ready to launch marketing files I will ever need. I now have proven and reliable sales tactics at my fingertips.

There are marketing campaigns, e-marketing and persuasive selling and closing systems at my fingertips. My phone is ringing off the hook and I now have a competition free, recession proof training studio.

Bedros’ real world trial and error experience in this industry has taught me way more than I ever learned in the process of taking training programs or getting certifications. It will teach you the ins and outs of owning a personal training business, things that you were never taught. This has given me the confidence to know I was following a tried and tested formula.

Applying his systems to my personal method of training has been the perfect combination for my business and now I am giant leaps ahead of my competition. I now know how to make myself stand out from the crowd. I wish that I had this course five years ago when I first started training! I am now on pace to double my revenue this year. I know purchasing this product was the turning point for my business getting to the next level.

After having so much success with the PT Business course I decided to invest in his Close 9 out of 10 Clients, and Fitness Studio Formula products as well.  Each product gives easy to follow strategies that have taken my business to another level.

Through the Close Clients video training program I have increased my closing percentage, converted more prospects into paying clients, and sold 600% to 900% more personal training programs. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but I’ve seen proof that these systems work and seeing is believing.

In Bedros’ Close 9 Out of 10 Client product sales is king.  He has personally sold 120,000 personal training sessions and will teach you how to also.  He has owned and operated five ultra successful personal training facilities and coached hundreds of top-level mastermind coaching clients to massive success in excess of multiple six figures. He has helped two of America's largest training companies generate annual sales exceeding $21 million (each!).  If this isn’t hands on sales experience I don’t know what is.

Bedros has spent more time developing, fine-tuning, and re-crafting this incredible system that has been proven to work. He knows what it takes to close the deal and routinely sell big multi-thousand dollar personal training packages.  You get every tactic and strategy for influencing and moving your prospects into making the buying decision without ever giving you a single objection or having to "go home and think about it."

Now he wants to help us little guys out so we can have the same success he has had so we can "get the edge" to further explode our personal training profits.  The part that was important to me was the entire sales system had to be no high pressure – I despise high pressure selling.

With these proven sales and closing strategies you won’t have to worry about what the economy is doing because these methods work for everybody… without using high-pressure sales.  I have new trainers that have no sales experience who have struggled in the past few months, so I got the two of them together on Sunday and taught them the close 9 out of 10 clients techniques, and methods. In Just 3 days they have signed up 30 clients!!

I am blown away and am a true believer in the Close 9 out of 10 Clients product.  On the video you can see as they role play incoming phone call scripts, actual sales consultations, dissect the entire fitness sales process, handle and overcome the top five buyer objections, present prices and programs, ask for the sale, and even go deep into the science of persuasion using NLP and the influential power of "inner self talk".

You also see Bedros Keuilian and he critiques and tears apart their existing sales process and shows you the big mistakes that you're most likely making that's causing you to lose clients and leave tons of money on the table. It's not a marketing system that requires additional expenses, cost, time or effort. This system is developed to take your existing leads and prospects and convert them into loyal paying clients. It will take the guess work out of selling.

Assume that you sit across from ten prospects each month and you close 60% of the prospects on an average training or boot camp program of $900.  This would generate approximately $5400 monthly revenue. When you apply the Close Clients sales script and system to this scenario you can expect to close 80-90% of all consultations. The Close Clients script and system has been crafted to promote and sell big ticket six and twelve month programs which could easily increase your average sale to $2000 or more.  This could take your monthly revenue to $25000 + per month.

Close Clients provides you with an actual personal training sales script sales agreements that have been used successfully and consistently to provide the results described above.  Even if you cut the results described in half you would still be doubling your currently monthly income.

I no longer have to deal with inconsistent sales and unpredictable income.  I now feel like I have control of my business and my income.  I no bedros_keuilian_rip-off_reviewlonger feel anxious when asking my clients for $2500-$7500 for extended programs.  Using these sales strategies and scripts my clients are excited to purchase from me.  I’ve learned twelve simple words that are best way to ask for the sale every time.  I’ve started promoting “free” consultations to attract new clients then I am confident with the probing open ended questions I need to ask to get them talking and interested in a long-term program for maximum results and profits.

I feel confident overcoming the buyer’s objections and am able to turn it around without stressing about loosing the sale.  I have been able to get current clients upgraded.  I also realized that trying to sell over the phone was never going to work, I needed to get the client to come in before trying to sell and close a deal.

Getting to see one of Bedros’ top mentorship clients take the prospect from the "meet and greet" to closing a big sale using the actual Close Clients System was extremely valuable to my sales confidence. I have also been able to get every single client to agree to auto debit payments so I no longer have to hassle with billing or debt collecting.  I was blown away to learn that I was actually loosing clients by undercharging.

After getting Fitness Studio Formula I was inspired to expand my business and open another location. I wish I had this program when I opened my first location because the information is invaluable.  I wanted to learn the quickest, easiest and safest way to build a real business. Another on that consistently generates ever-increasing profits while minimizing the hassles of ownership. I had been running my business without systems, organization, and direction and it was costing me in money, time, freedom, and STRESS.

Using methods from fitness studio formula I was able to get my second location up and running stress-free without incurring and debt.   The Fitness Studio Formula methods took the guess work out of the majority of the tough decisions.  All the specifics are laid out for you in a streamlined way to make each step in opening your business as effortless and painless as possible.  No prior business, financial or management experience is needed what so ever.

I’ve gained years of business know-how in just a few short hours. With the success of my first location due to Closed Clients and the PT Course I now have the freedom to make my own decisions, work my own hours and write my own paycheck. I have the certification, the education, the experience and the drive to help my clients get into top physical and mental condition and now I have the business skills I needed to run my own studios with confidence.

Bedros’ programs have turned me into a money-generating machine!  Everyday I see friends and family struggling to stay financially afloat in a poor economy while profits from my studios continue to increase each month.  It’s a great feeling to be secure in your financial status.

Bedros’ formula for building your business is based off of real life experiences, learning first hand from some of the masters of other industries… people at the top of their game in sales, marketing, advertising, business management, positioning and persuasion.

By learning strategies to avoid many of the problems that were plaguing other business, he has customized some brilliant business concepts that are innovative and out-of-the-box.  I feel as though I have a solution to typical business problems even before they arise; legal problems, financial problems, personnel problems, vendor problems, landlord problems… none of it stresses me out anymore because I have the confidence and knowledge to handle it.

All these systems are easy to grasp. That's because the course is put the course together like a child puts together a set of Lego building blocks – building one lesson on another. Suddenly I’ve found myself focusing more on building a business and less on working in it. Life has become more exciting, with endless possibilities. I’ve begun to think and act like a fitness entrepreneur, a business strategist, a marketer, and a closer.

The system gives you a series of questions that assist in stimulating your brain to get you into the groove of opening a new business.  Once you have gone through this series it will be as though you’ve connected all the dots and everything now makes sense. You'll be able to visualize what your studio will look like, where it'll be located, who will be working for you, how you'll finance it, the whole shebang. With this total mind transformation you'll see sales opportunities where none existed before. You'll see your business name in places that didn't seem obvious even a week ago. And you'll put to work the power of the force multiplier, an intensely clever, yet very practical way to expand your business exponentially ... all while your workload plateaus.

These products have completely opened my eyes to the potential my business can offer. I used to wonder about how to open a personal training studio, but now  Bedros’ PT Business Course, Closed Clients, System 9 and Fitness Studio Formula can give you all the tools you will ever need to take your business from concept to consistent 6 figure producing business with a minimum amount of stress and anxiety.  You will be able to create your own time schedule and be in total control of your earnings.

Thank you Bedros Keuilian for helping me meet my maximum potential. For those reading this post, I hope you enjoyed this honest and from the heart review.

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