Boot Camp Marketing – Outta The Box Style

So last Thursday I got a voice mail from Fit Body Boot Camp owner Michael Duivis needing some advice for a pretty outta-the-box fitness marketing opportunity.

He was given 20 minutes to give a presentation to over 70 local Real Estate Agents.

So he took advantage of one of the the perks of being a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, the unlimited access to myself and Bedros for coaching.

Since the event was the next day we put together a quick strategy that Michael felt comfortable with.

As you saw in the video above, Michael nailed it.

And here is the email I got the next  day from him:


Hey Steve, thanks so much for your help that was awesome!

The presentation was Friday - there were a total of 78 realtors in the room, 63 of which entered their information on the sheets, and as of today (Tuesday) I have 5 signed up on the Rapid Fat Loss, with more coming!!!


Fit Body Boot Camp


Steve again,

I just wanted to share that with ya because I thought it was pretty cool.

Bedros and I will literally do what ever it takes to make sure our Fit Body Boot Camp owners are dominating!

And yes, it definately took balls for Michael to get up there and make that presentation.

But like I say, "Look fear in the eye and make it your little bitch..."

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