Boot Camp Marketing Super Banner

Hey, just wanted to share something that I tested with one of my coaching clients that's making it rain leads.

You hang the banner below on your building or in any high traffic area.

The banner needs to be at lease two feet wide by four feet long.

When you get text messages call them back and use this script (below) to find their "Hot buttons", agitate their problem, and then provide the solution.

You: Soooo, what one thing you are you doing right now that’s getting amazing fitness and weight loss results for you?

Them: Well, nothing really.

You: Oh really, so, what is your fitness goal?

Them: I want to lose about 10 or 15 pounds.

You: That’s cool, how can you tell you need to lose 10 or 15 pounds?

Them: Well, my pants are getting tight and I just don’t feel so good.

You: I understand… Hey, if you were going to be completely honest, would you say that each month you are slowly losing weight, staying the same, or slowly gaining weight?

Them: Well, probably slowly gaining weight.

You: Oh man, well I’m really glad you texted me because the 28 Day Flat Belly Boot Camp is exactly what you need.

Them: That sounds awesome.

You: Set them up to come in a try it out, if they ask let them know the price, and have fun with your new client 🙂

Btw - The 30 Day Boot Camp Accelerator is filling up pretty fast so if you want to seriously get a flood of new clients and the freedom to do what ever the hell you want, register here.


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