Boot Camp Marketing With The Office Visit Method (Awesome!)

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Way before I started getting referred to as the world's undisputed boot camp marketing authority, I had a little problem...

Ya see, I opened a personal training center and since I spent all my cash reserves, I needed to figure out a way to get clients fast or I would be screwed when it came time to pa the rent.

So I got 40 Human Billboards (This was before I named Human Billboards, Human Billboards) and asked ONE VERY, VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.

It was, "Where do you work?"

This one little question CHANGED My LIFE.

Ya see, it turned out that 11 out of my 25 Human Billboards worked at offices that ranged from 20 to 1000 employees.

Now, fast forward 30 days later and I had over 27 FULL PRICED clients and here's the EXACT FORMULA for how I did it (and you can do the same)

Step 1. Ask EVERY one of your clients, Human Billboards and promo people what they do for work.

boot camp marketing office methodStep 2. Be VERY interested in what they do... FORCE yourself to be interested if you have to.

Step 3. Ask how many employees their company has.

Step 4. Tell them that you would love to stop by sometime and visit (set a date to visit)

Step 5.  Visit their office and ask them to introduce you to their co-workers and tell them that they will earn half off their next month for anyone who joins your program that they introduce you to.

Also, if it's a big company, ask then to introduce you to the HR (Human Resource) person for future corp fitness promos.

Step 6. Have a pad and pen ready so when they introduce you to their co-workers, and their co-workers say, "I really need to lose some weight." or, "I really need to workout." you tell them that you have a special 16 Day Sexy Slim Down program and ask them for the best number to text them the details.

Congratulations, now you have the phone number of your new prospect.

Step 7. When you're done, incentive your client by telling them that any of their co-workers who signs up will earn him half off his next month of boot camp.

It wasn't uncommon for me to get about 5 new clients for every 20 employees that I met.

So I would average about 20 new clients from companies with 100 employees.

Pretty sweet huh?

So remember, one of the most powerful boot camp marketing tactics is simply asking questions like;  "What do you do for work?" and the flood gates open up!


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