Dominating The Facebook Quick Ad

Hey Steve here with a super killer guest post with my good friend and Facebook fitness maketing wizzard Josh Carter.

Facebook is a power "spoke" that should be on your "marketing wheel"

In fact, if your not generating new clients on facebook then you're missing out big time.

Just today I was on the phone with my man Josh and he told me that he is getting about 10 leads a day off Facebook and he's only spending around $30 bucks a week to get them.

Anyways, I'll let Josh tell ya all about it...

Guest post by Joshua Carter:


Hey Josh Carter here....

It can be intimidating. I know that.  My kids have figured out the real truth (and are apparently immune to my tactics) but with everyone else I can still use it to my advantage.

Like the servers at Baja Fresh, I give them a “Hulk” look and politely say  ”I said EXTRA chicken…”

Next thing you know, extra chicken.

I use it in bootcamp too:  “I said 15 reps..” ( even if I really said 10.)
Next thing you know, 15 reps.

Yeah, being intimidating can be cool.  But being intimidated can truly suck.  I will admit that it happened to my once and I didn’t care for it 🙂

It *really* sucks when people are intimidated by technology.  For instance I know grown, intelligent men and women who are afraid to even join Facebook because they think it is too complicated (let alone advertise on FB).

So it is even worse when you let intimidation affect your business.  Too many trainers are intimidated by new and very cool advertising opportunities because they involve a computer.

There are of course scams out there, but not Facebook.

3330732_10b98c3fb6_m And  I’ve got some good news:

I am a nerd.  (shh, it’s a secret)

Wait, is that good news?

It is for you (me, eh, not so much).  I have shot an exclusive video for my buddy Steve Hochman and his readers on how you can use the new “Quick Ad” feature on Facebook to instantly create ads that pull in new clients and leads in minutes.

Yes, minutes.

You can now use my nerd status to your advantage (wish I could.)
Enjoy and post below with any questions.

Now go kill it!

Joshua Carter
Fitness Facebook Funnel Freak

Be sure to leave Josh a comment below with what your thoughts 🙂

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