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Hey Steve here and I hope ya had an AWESOME weekend.

It was my younger daughter Riley's 3rd birthday Saturday.

Man they grow fast, I'm really grateful that my business gives me the freedom to spend so much time with them (If you're a parent, then you know what I mean)

And to help YOU grow your business so you can have more freedom, I have a few pretty cool video for ya.

The videos have to do with getting MORE CLIENTS BY BEING ON TV.

Ya see, a lot of people talk about HOW to gt on TV, no one's talking about WHAT to do once you get on.

Le's face it, if you aren't asked back or don't capitalize on your television opportunity then you pretty much blew it.

You have to be interesting, relevant and entertaining.

And nobody knows more about this then my buddy Dustin "The Fitness Media Dominator" Maher.

When it comes to getting and STAYING on TV, this guy is on fire!

And the three videos below contain actual footage of Dustin making text book perfect appearances on the news.

Check it out...

CBS Pushing Cars for Exercise

Heavy Lifting Doesn't Make You Bulky

NBC Plyometrics For Fat Loss

Be sure to let Dustin "The Fitness Media Dominator" Maher let you know what ya think.

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