Ever Seen An 80 Year Old Trainer?

I know you LOVE to train clients.

It's your passion, your calling, what you were put on this earth for.

I know how you feel because I feel the same way.

Training clients and changing lives is what I did, and I did it DAMNED GOOD TOO.

I STILL love helping people get in the best shape of their life even if right now it's just my staff, my wife and my 17 year old football player neighbor.


When I had my first little girl, I remember leaving before she woke up and getting home after she was asleep.

I would go days without spending daddy-daughter time.

WTF - Was I going to be one of THOSE fathers... The one's I swore I would never be like - EVER!

Sure, money was great, it was rolling in like a tidal wave, but I had a hole in my heart.

And on top of that, now that I had a little girl depending on me, I thought, "what if I get hurt and cant train... Then what?"

My heart sunk, I suddenly felt claustrophobic and tapped.

Like I was a mouse on a wheel or something.

Plus, what happened when I turned 50, 60, 70, 80?

Would I HAVE to train forever?

Like I said, I LOVE training... It's my PASSION, but I wanted to do it ON MY TERMS.

NOT because I had to, but because I WANTED to.

So that's why I've developed my proven Phase-Out Freedom Formula.

Just follow it, and like my other stuff I share with you, IT WORKS!

So here is my proven formula for turning A Boot Camp “Job” Into a Boot Camp “Business”

Do you know what the difference between a “job” and a “business” is?

Well, a job is something that makes you money while you are there working.

On the other hand, you make money from a business whether you are there or not.

For example, if YOU teach a boot camp, and you get sick, or go on vacation, then your income suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

If you have OTHER trainers teaching your boot camps, then you will continue generate income regardless if you’re physically there or not.

Look at it this way...

Your primary income is from your boot camp right?

That’s cool, but are you going to teach it forever... Like what’s gonna happen when your 40, 50, 60... Where is your income going to come from?

I figured the “Phase In, Phase Out formula” to slowly phase a new trainer into your boot camp as you slowly phase yourself out.

Once you do this, you’ll have a passive stream of income.

As you repeat the process, over time you will end up with multiple boot camp locations taught by other trainers resulting in multiple passive income streams.

Ahhhh, your retirement/freedom plan...

So here is the step-by-step blueprint of the Fit Body boot Camp “Phase In, Phase Out formula”

Step 1. Open your boot camp and build it to a minimum of $3500 per month.

Step 2. Find A Trainer by putting an Ad on Craigslist.com for a personal trainer who has a ton of energy and would like to teach a fitness boot camp for $25-$45 per hour plus bonus incentives.

You can also contact the physical education dept of a local university and offer a paid internship to their top students.

Step 3. Do a group interview with all the applicants and pick the one you like the best.

Step 4. Begin the “Phase In” method by having the trainer walk around during your boot camp just learning peoples names and complimenting them.

Step 5. Have trainer continue to lean names and compliment, and also make tiny corrections to establish the “authority factor”

Step 6. Have the trainer lead the warm up as well as continue step 5.

Step 7. Have the trainer continue to lead the warm up, then split the boot camp into two groups where you take one group and the trainer takes the other. Half way through the workout, switch groups again, and see what kind of feedback you receive about the trainer.

Step 8. Assuming all goes well in step 7, let the trainer take one class all by themselves.

Step 9. If step 8 goes well, then let the trainer take 2 classes solo.

Step 10. Continue increasing the days the trainer teaches solo until you are completely phased out.

Then find a new location and repeat the process.

Soon you will have multiple 6-figure passive income streams.

AND you can still follow your passion but ON YOUR TERMS.

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